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Virtuoso French Guitarist Stephane Wrembel Releases 5th Studio Album “Origins”

[lastfm]Stephane Wrembel[/lastfm] discovered the guitar as a teenager, and the instrument has rarely left his hands in the years since. Classically trained, Wrembel found his calling in the Sinti style of guitar playing which is a trademark of the Gypsy … Continue reading

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The Human Condition, As Told By “Songs of Praise & Scorn” – Interview With Christopher Paul Stelling

[pullquote quote="It's a heart-on-its-sleeve kind of record, kind of emotional. A lot of the human condition is on there." credit=""][lastfm]Christopher Paul Stelling[/lastfm] wanted his first record to sound like a concert recording, not the product of a four-walled studio, and … Continue reading

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Rodrigo y Gabriela Spice Things Up With 13-Piece Cuban Orchestra On Area 52

For an act like [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Rodrigo y Gabriela[/lastfm] that has successfully created their own unique niche within the music world, it’s hard to imagine a change in the formula that bred the remarkable music that has continuously kept fans intrigued for … Continue reading

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Saves The Day Master Class: Learn To Play “Let It All Go”

[pullquote quote="It's a bit of a brainy song, but it sounds really simple." credit="Chris Conley of Saves The Day"]“With the melody being this simple you can get away with a lot of tricks underneath it,” says [lastfm]Saves The Day[/lastfm] frontman … Continue reading

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Big Week For Jimi Hendrix Fans, With Release of “Winterland” Box and “Hendrix In The West”

Fans of legendary guitarist [lastfm]Jimi Hendrix[/lastfm] are in for a treat this week as a treasure trove of recordings are being release in various forms by Legacy Records. Among the many highlights is the 4-disc boxed set titled Winterland which … Continue reading

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The Nightwatchman Speaks: Tom Morello Stirs Rebellion On “World Wide Rebel Songs”

[pullquote quote="Can you find personal redemption? Can you silence the voices in your head... by fighting for justice through music?" credit="Tom Morello, as The Nightwatchman"]Legendary guitarist [lastfm]Tom Morello[/lastfm] didn’t just wake up one day and decide to save the world. … Continue reading

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Keb Mo Sets The Pace Of Modern-Day American Blues – Exclusive Live Performance

[pullquote quote="I think it lifted it up to be the best record I've ever made." credit="Keb Mo, on new album The Reflection"]American Blues music is a genre like no other. Some of music’s greatest legends spawn from the early days … Continue reading

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Jesse Harris’ Master Class: Learn The Art of “Fingerpicking”

[pullquote quote="So many musical styles are based around fingerpicking, from Brazilian music to Country to American Blues and Folk." credit="Jesse Harris, on fingerpicking"]Like so many other musicians who are just getting started on their instrument, [lastfm]Jesse Harris[/lastfm] drew inspiration from … Continue reading

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Kina Grannis’ Master Class: Learn To Play “Message From Your Heart”

[sponsored] [pullquote quote="What is it like to be someone's heart?" credit="Kina Grannis, on 'Message From Your Heart'"]Growing up in Southern California, young [lastfm]Kina Grannis[/lastfm] was always a musical child. By elementary school she was composing original songs on the piano, … Continue reading

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Colbie Caillat: Master Class Photo Gallery

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