Yppah Returns With “Eighty One” — Stream Full Album Inside

Joe Corrales, Jr aka [lastfm]Yppah[/lastfm] (pronounced “yippah;” “happy” reversed) has been quiet since his 2009 sophomore release, They Know What Ghost Know. A follow-up to the now legendary classic debut, You Are Beautiful At All Times, the sophomore record failed to accomplish what the latter excelled at: creating a gripping, moody electronic full length that never bored, yet never overreached – the perfect balance for a chill-out album. Amazingly, Joe has returned to stride with his first album in almost four years – Eighty One – as he refocuses on his trademark cross-pollination of shoegaze and hip hop.

Inspired by his years as a multi-instrumentalist, turntablist, and lover of bands like [lastfm]My Bloody Valentine[/lastfm], Yppah has already mastered the amalgamation of two (superficially opposite) genres. With Eighty One, he moves in a similar direction as [lastfm]Bonobo[/lastfm] did with his most recent masterpiece, Black Sands: both producers cut their teeth with trip hop, but the new decade found them fully engaged with live instrumentation and traditional song structures. Most importantly, Bonobo and Yppah invited vocalists to sing, foregoing the sampling process completely. [lastfm]Anomie Belle[/lastfm] features on four songs in Eighty One, including “D. Song” above. Her contributions provide a welcome change-up in the record’s length, but like Joe’s debut, the instrumental tracks are the real shining moments.

“Blue Schwinn” opens the album with lulling melodies and a breakbeat rhythm that should make longtime Yppah fans feel warm and fuzzy, like hearing an old friend’s voice on the phone for the first time in years. His shoegaze leanings come to fore in the hazy, cherubic “Happy To See You,” and “Golden Braid,” an uplifting wall of sound that cascades with unhinged vocals and distorted, aerobic guitar arrangements. Stream the record in full via Spinner and listen for yourself.

[lastfm]Yppah[/lastfm] – Eighty One (Ninja Tune)
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