fIREHOSE Reunite For Coachella, US Tour and Anthology Release “lowFLOWs”

Festivalgoers at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival will have access to as many cutting-edge new musical acts as they can handle, something festival organizers are proud to point out. But this year there are two key rock reunions taking place in addition to all the new stuff. 90s post-hardcore group [lastfm]At The Drive-In[/lastfm] will play together for the first time in 10 years. And seminal late-80s rockers [lastfm]fIREHOSE[/lastfm] will launch their new anthology release lowFLOWs on stage in Indio with their first official gig together since disbanding in 1994. Click through here for a preview of lowFLOWs and some vintage video of [lastfm]fIREHOSE[/lastfm] in their prime.

The track listing for lowFLOWs is as follows:

Disc: 1
1. Down With The Bass
2. Up Finnegan’s Ladder
3. Can’t Believe
4. Walking The Cow
5. Flyin’ The Flannel
6. Epoxy For Example
7. O’er the Town Of Pedro
8. Too Long
9. The First Cuss
10. Anti-Misogyny Maneuver
11. Toolin’
12. Song For Dave Alvin
13. Tien An Man Dream Again
14. Lost Colors
15. Towin’ The Line
16. Losers, Boozers, & Heroes
17. Max and Wells
18. Down With The Bass (Instrumental Version)
19. The Red and the Black (Live Version)
20. Sophisticated Bitch (Live Version)
21. Revolution Pt. 2 (Live Version)
22. Slack Motherfucker (Live Version)
23. What Gets Heard (Live Version)
24. Mannequin (Live Version)
25. Makin’ the Freeway (Live Version)

Disc: 2
1. Formal Introduction
2. Blaze
3. Herded into Pools
4. Witness
5. Number Seven
6. Powerful Hankerin’
7. Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank
8. Quicksand
9. Disciples of the 3-Way
10. More Famous Quotes
11. Sincerely
12. Hell-Hole
13. 4.29.92
14. The Cliffs Thrown Down
15. Blaze (Instrumental Version)
16. Witness (Mersh Again Edit)
17. 4.29.92 (Live Version)
18. Powerful Hankerin’ (Live Version)
19. Tien An Man Dream Again (Live Version)
20. Formal Introduction (Live Version)

[lastfm]fIREHOSE[/lastfm] – lowFLOWs
Sony Legacy

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