35+ Member Hip Hop Collective QUAKERS Release Album With Stones Throw — Interview With Producer Katalyst

SD: That “Fitta Happier” track samples [lastfm]Radiohead[/lastfm]‘s “Fitter Happier” as performed by a brass band. Can you reveal any details on the sample source? The horns sound amazing.

Katalyst: Haha, indeed it does but I’ll leave that up to your readers to research. Lets just say we were amazed at how quickly someone found the source of that sample. Wasn’t even up for 24 hours and people were onto that.

SD: How did you guys settle on the final track list? Considering the number of tracks and how well the record flows from one song to the next, sequencing seems like it might have been half the battle.

Katalyst: Well the tracks to make the final cut were decided before the mix was done. I wanted to create a good amount of variation between the different flavors that exist on the record. And thats what I came up with. I sent it to Geoff and Stu and they were all feeling it, so it was done. It took me a while as Im a bit of a perfectionist as well.

SD: What are your plans to promote this record after it’s out? Can we expect you guys to tour at all, maybe perform some one-off shows or DJ?

Katalyst: Id say we will get a showcase together at some stage this year and do some like performance of the record, but we’ll just take that as it come really.

SD: You released a killer mixtape in support of the record’s upcoming release – could you talk about some of the tracks featured, and why you included them?

Katalyst: Glad you like it, there were a mix of tunes on there. Some stuff that influenced us back in the day, some newer stuff were into more recently. I slipped a few new beats of mine in there. Also a preview of one of the Coin Locker Kid tracks “I Tried”, that’s off an album we have written together that will most likely come out later this year also.

SD: Last question – favorite couplet on the record?

Katalyst: Hmm, tough one but there was something about Stic’s ([lastfm]Dead Prez[/lastfm]) verse that was so on point, he ends the verse with, “its my natural disposition I was born like that, its engraved in my soul like grooves in the wax, I got soul power.” We recorded that on a 40 degree day here in Sydney. Something about the heat and the vibe that day that was truly captured in that song.

[lastfm]Quakers[/lastfm] – Quakers (Stones Throw)
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