Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) Drops Solo Debut on Warp Records

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and peerless songwriter for both [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Department of Eagles[/lastfm] Daniel Rossen steps out from behind either moniker with his debut solo release, a five-track EP with Warp Records entitled Silent Hour/Golden Mile. Thought the EP feels wholly Rossen, it serves as the snack to whet GB fans’ appetite until the follow up to Veckatimest surfaces.

Though “Return To Form” features a melody not unlike one from the aforementioned 2008 GB offering, it quickly evolves into a new beast, a song more full and lively and forceful than any out of [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm]‘s catalog. Couple that with “Saint Nothing,” a piano lament recorded in one take, and already Silent Hour/Golden Mile reveals Rossen as comfortable behind a songbook as he always has, never mind the four years or so that have passed since new material from he or his projects have surfaced. The three remaining tracks are just icing on the cake.

[lastfm]Daniel Rossen[/lastfm] – Silent Hour / Golden Mile (Warp)
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1. Up On High
2. Silent Song
3. Return To Form
4. Saint Nothing
5. Golden Mile

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