Lucero Resurrects Rock and Roll on “Women & Work”

Thank God for rock and roll, and thank God for [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Lucero[/lastfm]. After a week where militaristic child enslavement and mutilation went viral, gas prices continued to sky rocket, Rick Santorum continued to exist, and my soul was crushed by news that Paula Dean might be racist, this is the album I, you, and everyone else needed.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an album on a mission. It’s not trying to fix things. We’ll let [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Springsteen [/lastfm]Seeger that stuff out. This is an album completely comfortable in its own skin. It’s not struggling to be anything else. It’s just good ol’ fashioned, gritty, rock and roll with some bright soul shining through the dirt and grime.

Women & Work is an amalgamation of 60 years of Memphis music, but completely its own thing at the same time. It’s the down and out division street where the hard luck of country and blues intersect, elevated by the hope and optimism of classic soul. It’s rock and roll, deconstructed, re-proportioned, and unleashed from a thrice pawned amp.

It’s the soundtrack of that bar you walk into while a band is unloading onto a dark and sticky stage, and you ask the gruff, old bartender what kind of music they play there, and he just stares at you for a minute, scratches some sort of bacterial rash on his jail yard tattoo of a mermaid with a stab wound and simply says, “good music,” and you feel like a jackass for asking.

It’s rock and roll. Listen up.

“Women & Work” Track Listing

1. Downtown (Intro)
2. On My Way Downtown
3. Women & Work
4. It May Be Too Late
5. Juniper
6. Who You Waiting On?
7. I Can’t Stand To Leave You
8. When I Was Young
9. Sometimes
10. Like Lightning
11. Go Easy

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