Andrea Helms is “Moving Forward” with New Album

[mp3com-artist]Andrea Helms[/mp3com-artist] is a lifelong singer and worshiper. Growing up singing with her family in church, music and spirituality have always been focal points in her life. Just how far those things could take her, however, was never fully apparent until she took the stage on BET’s Sunday Best gospel singing competition. That day, she brought the most from her voice and spirit, blowing away the judges and audience. Since then, things have never looked quite the same.

[mp3com-artist]Andrea Helms[/mp3com-artist] eventually made it all the way to the finals during Season 4 of Sunday Best. One of the highlights of her run was her soulful, bluesy take on Sunday Best judge Mary Mary’s classic song, “Yesterday,” which is now the first single from her debut album, Moving Forward.

Helms recalls the moment vividly to this day. ”It’s very taxing because not only are you singing for Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell—all these major artists—but you’re on national television,” she recalls. “You have to dig down deep into who you are and try to stay true to who you are, knowing that the only source that you have is God.”

Moving Forward represents the beginning of a new chapter in Andrea Helms’ life. Recording the album was a chance for her to examine her own life and spirituality. As a result, each track is deeply personal expression of herself.

Helms is especially drawn to the song, “Change.” The recording includes touches on a subject that is very close to her heart. “From the time that my mother was carrying me, doctors told her that I would be a vegetable and that I would never talk or walk, but I was born a healthy 8 pound 2 ounce baby,” she said. “God performed a miracle. I wasn’t even supposed to be able to talk, and He gave me the ability to sing. Then, years later, when I had my son, I dealt with severe postpartum depression that literally caused me to have suicidal tendencies. I was still leading worship through it all, but it was really a rough, rough, time. I don’t remember a lot of my son’s first year being here with me because I was not in the right frame of mind. My mom is a fireball and a prayer warrior and she prayed me through it. I think God leads us through places like that so that we can minister to other people. Now I walk my victory out every day and I can speak to women and understand where they are coming from. So God has really changed me and that’s why that song means something to me.”

1. The Heavens Are Telling
2. Yesterday
3. Because of Who You Are
4. Moving Forward
5. Encourage Yourself
6. Changed
7. I Love the Lord
8. Wind Beneath My Wings

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