Nite Jewel’s “One Second Of Love” Retro-Futurist Pop At Its Finest

[pullquote quote=" The Cocteau Twins collaborating with Clive Davis."]Romana Gonzalez a.k.a [lastfm]Nite Jewel[/lastfm] follows an experimental debut album (2009′s Good Evening), multiple collaborative releases, and a few EPs of increasingly better quality with her finest work of synth-pop yet. Listen to One Second Of Love in full after the jump:

One Second finds Ramona as effervescent as ever, with well-crafted pop hooks and welcome layers of synth wash recorded to tape (via her tried-and-true method of 8-track recording). Chillwave with the temperature raised to LA appropriate heat, One Second transcends Nite Jewel’s preliminary scene association with much the same sophistication of both Washed Out and Toro Y Moi’s major label records of the last year. Sounds born and raised in the bedroom enjoy a bit more space and definition, her woozy melodies less indolent and drum machine grooves more soulful.

Her music is unabashedly referential: if you grew up in the glossy decade predating [lastfm]Kurt Cobain[/lastfm]‘s rise and fall, [lastfm]Nite Jewel[/lastfm] treads familiar ground. Snares consistently land on the ’2′ as Madonna’s once did, and bursts of Juno keys (though far more dusty this decade around) accent breathy melodies uncannily like any #1 hit circa 1986. “One Second Of Love,” the record’s first single, follows the above formula to a T, but that’s not to say the rest of the record entirely follows suit. “She’s Always Watching You” proves Ramona learned the essence of funk from funk master [lastfm]Dam-Funk[/lastfm] when they collaborated; the incredibly lush “In The Dark” takes its chords and percussion from Hotflush and makes a damn good pop tune with them; “No I Don’t” and “Autograph” sound like [lastfm]The Cocteau Twins[/lastfm] collaborating with [lastfm]Clive Davis[/lastfm].

All to say, One Second Of Love is an example of retro-futurist pop at its most definitive; synth-y enough for the hipsters, catchy as all hell for everyone else.

[lastfm]Nite Jewel[/lastfm] – One Second Of Love (Secretly Canadian)
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Track list:
01. This Story
02. One Second of Love
03. She’s Always Watching You
04. Mind & Eyes
05. In the Dark
06. Memory, Man
07. Unearthly Delights
08. No I Don’t
09. Autograph
10. Clive

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