“Hip Hop Mix USA” – Learn How To “Dougie” With DJ Woogie’s New CD & DVD

If you missed the first wave of The Dougie dance craze, don’t despair, [lastfm]DJ Woogie[/lastfm] is riding to your rescue with a compilation mix of recent top Hip Hop jams that has an unique bonus: an instructional DVD full of dance lessons. Learn how to do The Dougie, the Salt Shaker, walk with a Stanky Legg, and more. Featuring music from the likes of [lastfm]Cali Swag District[/lastfm], [lastfm]Ting Yang Twins[/lastfm], [lastfm]GS Boyz[/lastfm] and more, the CD is mixed continuously by DJ Woogie so your party never has to stop.

[lastfm]DJ Woogie[/lastfm] shot to fame as the mixer behind [lastfm]Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em[/lastfm] and his rapid rise to fame. This compilation is mixed straight-through, meaning there’s no pause in the music and making the CD perfect for a house party. Professional dancers provide the step-by-step lessons, teaching dance moves like the “Stanky Legg,” the “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and giving instruction on how to “Crank Dat Batman” and “Pop, Lock and Drop It.” For the dance-challenged among us, this is a chance to practice privately at home with no one else looking. After that, don’t forget to record yourself dancing and post it to YouTube, like everyone else (even the cast of [lastfm]Glee[/lastfm] is in on the action, check it out below).

The full track list for Hip Hop Mix USA is as follows:

1. Pop Lock & Drop It – [lastfm]Huey[/lastfm]
2. Crank Dat Batman – [lastfm]Pop It Off Boyz[/lastfm]
3. Flex – [lastfm]The Party Boyz[/lastfm]
4. Booty Dew – [lastfm]GS Boyz[/lastfm]
5. The Ricky Bobby – [lastfm]B-Hamp[/lastfm]
6. Walk It Out – [lastfm]Unk[/lastfm]
7. Stanky Legg – [lastfm]GS Boyz[/lastfm]
8. 2 Step – [lastfm]Unk[/lastfm]
9. Teach Me How To Dougie – [lastfm]Cali Swag District[/lastfm]
10. Snap Yo Fingers (feat. E40 & Sean Paul of Youngbloodz) – [lastfm]Lil Jon[/lastfm]
11. Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. AG aka The Voice Of Harlem) – [lastfm]Webstar[/lastfm]
12. Cat Daddy – [lastfm]Rej3ctz[/lastfm]
13. Park It – [lastfm]Mr. Smith[/lastfm]
14. Salt Shaker – [lastfm]Ying Yang Twins[/lastfm]
15. The K-Wang – [lastfm]Khia[/lastfm]

[lastfm]DJ Woogie[/lastfm] – Hip Hop Mix USA
Phase One Music

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