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[lastfm]Geographer[/lastfm] began when singer/guitarist/keyboardist Michael Deni left his hometown with a pair of instruments and a heart full of unexpressed emotion. As he drafted songs on the road, he joined with cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher to form a live band. Myth finds the trio at their strongest yet, all eleven tracks recalling the finest synth pop of the last two decades. For fans of [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Active Child[/lastfm], dig into the full album stream after the jump.

Stream Myth in its entirety at Paste Magazine

Not unlike the initial chillwave music to come out of the late 2000’s – [lastfm]Washed Out[/lastfm]‘s Life of Leisure and [lastfm]Toro Y Moi[/lastfm]‘s Blessa are obvious reference points – Myth employs 80’s drum machines, blankets of reverb, and incessantly catchy hooks to great effect. Deni’s vocals are consistently on point: “Kaleidoscope” (a personal favorite) loops coo’s that’ll make you pine for a loved one, and the shift from falsetto to cavernous shout on “Blinders” will make your heart swell.

Myth sounds more polished than its chillwave predecessors. As the aforementioned producers moved from boutique 7″s to large scale indie releases, their trademark lo-fi sound subdued to big studio flourishes. [lastfm]Geographer[/lastfm] balance the emotional nostalgia and warmth of chillwave with refined song structures and clean sound so well, at times it’s impossible to tell whether the album came from Deni’s bedroom or BBC studio one. Makes for one of the most endearing indie pop records of the year thus far, and well worth checking the stream above.

[lastfm]Geographer[/lastfm] – Myth (Modern Art Records)
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Track list:
1. Life of Crime
2. The Myth of Youth
3. Kaleidoscope
4. Blinders
5. Lovers Game
6. The Dream Has Faded
7. Shell Beach
8. The Boulder
9. Vesijarvi
10. Kites

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