Country Legend Lyle Lovett Revisits Days Of Old With Classic Covers On “Release Me”

[pullquote quote="I did some songs that I've played my whole career that I've never recorded" credit="Lyle Lovett"]Over ten albums and twenty two hit singles over the course of three decades just isn’t enough for [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Lyle Lovett[/lastfm]. The infamous “Cowboy Man” of days past has returned with a brand new album comprised mostly of unique covers with a touch of original songs that feel equally as fresh as they do nostalgic.

Longtime Country icon [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Lyle Lovett[/lastfm] finds himself in 2012 very far away from the days when his memorable duet with [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Randy Newman[/lastfm] of You’ve Got A Friend In Me for the movie Toy Story was in everyones head, and even farther away from the days when Cowboy Man reigned at the top of the charts; but he’s just fine with that. The hectic days that came in the wake of gold album after gold album in the 90’s are gone, and on Release Me, we find the same [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Lyle Lovett[/lastfm], but in the form of a far more grounded, simpler man.

Click play below to check out In My Own Mind; one of Lovett’s older music videos from 2004’s My Baby Don’t Tolerate

From a musical standpoint, the sounds created by Lovett and the instrumentation behind his vocals are everything you’d expect from a Lovett record. However, the fact that he didn’t write most of the songs give them a unique outside element that makes the record very special and fresh when stacked up against his previous work. This, coupled with the way he made the songs he didn’t write feel like his own shows above all that Lovett’s definitely still “got it.”

The lyrical themes on Release Me are also stellar, consistently telling an amazing story throughout the record (even though Baby, It’s Cold Outside naturally feels out of place at times). Songs like Isn’t That So are particularly grabbing and instantly catchy as Lovett passionately and melodically states:
…”You got to bury the seed in the dirt my friend, if you want the thing to grow“…
…”You have to to go where your heart says go, isn’t that so“…

Release Me really contains some of the best work of Lovett’s lengthy 32 year career; so whether you’ve been following him since the early 80’s, 90’s, or even just yesterday, there’s sure to be a lot to love on this record for fans of all kinds.

The complete track listing for Release Me is as follows:

  1. Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom
  2. Release Me
  3. White Boy Lost In The Blues
  4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  5. Isn’t That So
  6. Understand You
  7. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  8. Keep It Clean
  9. One Way Gal
  10. Dress Of Laces
  11. The Girl With The Holiday Smile
  12. Night’s Lullaby
  13. White Freightliner Blues
  14. Keep Us Steadfast

Pick up Release Me today at Amazon and be sure to keep an eye on Lovett’s Official Site for tour dates and other news!

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