Dreamers of the Ghetto Perform Songs off Debut, “Enemy/Lover” – Plus Exclusive Interview

[pullquote quote="The idea was to record a live show of these demos, and adapt it to an album." credit="Luke Jones" ][lastfm]Dreamer’s of the Ghetto[/lastfm] released their debut album last year with the veritable experimental post-rock label, Temporary Residence. An album of equal parts heartbreak and hope, expansive hooks and stadium-ready sonics, Enemy/Lover was an impressive introduction to the four-piece family band from Indiana. Check after the jump for live performances of recent singles “Tether,” “Connection,” and two other album tracks, as well as an exclusive interview the band on the making of the record.

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Dreamers Of The Ghetto‘s lastest single (peep the music video below), “Connection” evokes an optimism infrequently associated with long-distance relationships. “When you’re gone I know you’re with me,” sings Luke Jones, a sentiment enforced with a resounding set of “Oh’s” courtesy of his brother and wife (Jonathan, guitarist, and Lauren, keyboardist, respectively). A song appropriate on Valentine’s Day for sure – watch this session with someone you feel a connection to, thank us later.

Interview with Dreamers of the Ghetto
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Enemy/Lover features an outpouring of emotion that sounds – and feels – honest. Home-made. Untarnished by ego, unhinged by the simple desire to express love through song, the Bloomingfield family revel in a love for soaring pop music. The translation from album to live performance suffers no setback as these videos prove – what makes watching the band perform live better than listening to the record is the visible “connection” between all four of the dreamers.

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“Heavy Love”
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[lastfm]Dreamers of the Ghetto[/lastfm] – Enemy/Lover (Temporary Residence)
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01. Antenna
02. State of a Dream
03. Connection
04. Regulator
05. Always
06. Crime Scene
07. Phone Call
08. Dark Falcons
09. Night Hawks
10. Tether

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  1. Will says:

    Sixth song is Crime Scene, champ!

  2. Rolf Ebitsch says:

    Brilliant Band !

    Great songs, great vocals…..
    Definitely worth a listen.


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