No More Wandering for Dion on “Tank Full of Blues”

[mp3com-artist]Dion DiMucci[/mp3com-artist]‘s music career practically defines the term longevity.  Beginning in the late fifties with the doo-wop group[mp3com-artist] Dion and the Belmonts[/mp3com-artist], his career spans over half a century. This week sees the release of his newest album, titled Tank Full of Blues

Tank Full of Blues is the third blues album that [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist]has released since 2005’s Bronx in Blue. Together the albums have opened a whole new chapter in his career and have taken his music in a direction that would have been hard to imagine if you heard him singing 50 years ago.

Starting out in the late 1950’s, [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist]was the lead singer in a doo-wop group that he and his friends formed called [mp3com-artist]Dion and the Belmonts.[/mp3com-artist] They started out singing on the street corners of Manhattan, but their talents attracted the attention of Laurie Records and soon they had a recording contract. Their first big breakthrough came with the single “I Wonder Why,” which earned them national tours and television appearances and established them as a household name in the US.

In 1960, [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist]left the group to pursue a solo career and had three popular singles with “The Wanderer,” “Runaround Sue,” and “Ruby Baby.” This run as a solo artist solidified[mp3com-artist]Dion[/mp3com-artist]‘s reputation as one of the most popular vocalists of the time who in part defined the sound of pre-British Invasion American pop music.

Tank Full of Blues sees still [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist] continuing to engage with music as a medium for self expression, though  times have changed significantly since the days of “The Wanderer.”  Tank Full of Blues is an intensely personal record that sees Dion reflecting on different elements of his life – his family, his career, and his hometown New York City. Having produced the album and written all but two of its songs, Dion has made an album that says a lot about himself, both as a musician and a person.

The other big news  for longtime [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist] fans who haven’t checked out his newer material is that he is no longer just a singer. On songs like the opening title track, “Tank Full of Blues,” he shows himself to be an accomplished guitarist by laying down some nasty Chicago blues licks.

From start to finish Tank Full of Blues is chock full of traditional blues and roots rock numbers that show [mp3com-artist]Dion [/mp3com-artist]to be a classic American musician still at the top of his game.


01 – Tank Full Of Blues
02 – I Read It (In The Rolling Stone)
03 – Holly Brown
04 – Ride’s Blues (For Robert Johnson)
05 – Two Train
06 – Do You Love Me Baby
07 – You Keep Me Cryin’
08 – My Michelle
09 – My Baby’s Cryin’
10 – I’m Ready To Go
11 – Bronx Poem

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