Luke Vibert Unearths Lost Plug Album – Drum ‘n Bass Circa ’95

[lastfm]Luke Vibert[/lastfm] benefits from multiple producer moniker disorder. Since the early ’90s, Luke has released genre-bending music under various monikers, such as [lastfm]Wagon Christ[/lastfm], [lastfm]Spac Hand Luke[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Plug[/lastfm]. Each name accompanied an unique approach to experimental electronic music, but don’t let that scare you away – across every touchpoint, Vibert instills a sense of humor that rescues his music from heavy-handed futurism. His least used moniker, [lastfm]Plug[/lastfm], received an unexpected revival with Back On Time, a collection of jungle/drum ‘n bass tunes lifted from a DAT tape Vibert recorded between 1995-99 and subsequently forgot about until 2011. Far from sounding outdated and thrown together (a consequence other “recovered” collections suffer), Back On Time transcends its premise as an aural time capsule to succeed as an impressive full length album.

Once jungle rose in popularity, its lo-fi and minimal aesthetic transformed into bigger, bolder sonic statements, thus donning the drum ‘n bass tag. [lastfm]Plug[/lastfm]‘s only album prior, 1996’s Drum ‘n’ Bass For Papa, drifted somewhere in between both genre tags: jungle’s flurried programming met the bass weight of d’n’b with a dose of whimsy unique to Vibert. Back On Time nestles comfortably in that same spectrum, but this time around, the effect is fresh and endearing.

“Feeling So Special” represents the many idiosyncrasies of Back On Time: a Disney-like melody opens the track, which succumbs to proto-house chord stabs atop a rolling break before the song’s vocal hook introduces a thick bass line. That’s all done away with soon after, and the song unwinds with such pace and unpredictability as a jazz-fusion dance party. The record is full of labyrinthine arrangements and witty samples, the combination at once challenging you to follow along and triggering more chuckles than you’d typically think music could. For fans of jungle/drum ‘n bass new and old, don’t let Back On Time go unheard for any longer.

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[lastfm]Plug[/lastfm] – Back On Time (Ninja Tune)
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Track list:
1. Scar City
2. Feeling So Special
3. Come On My Skeleton
4. No Reality
5. A Quick Plug For A New Slot
6. Mind Bending
7. Back On Time
8. Yes Man
9. Drum N Bass
10. Flight 78

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