Gabriel Teodros Rides A Cultural ‘Time Machine’

[lastfm]Gabriel Teodros[/lastfm] drops his new hip hop/roots album, Colored People’s Time Machine, via Fresh Chopped Beats. Clocking in at just under an hour, Gabriel’s sophomore effort highlights the myriad native cultures of peoples around the world with ear-catching lyricism and fusion instrumentation.

Grab a free download of lead single ‘Blossom of Love’ via Fresh Chopped Beats

Colored People’s Time Machine examines the “history, dreams, and future of native people everywhere,” a claim with honorable intentions regardless of its oblique language. Casting a wide net for what “native” means, Teodros borrows aesthetics and ideals from across the globe in his words and beat selection, channeling the most evocative through his spitfire (yet too often staccato) flow. Gabriel – a vet with a handful of releases to his name – sounds more confident than ever, undoubtedly impassioned by the record’s point of inspiration.

[lastfm]Gabriel Teodros[/lastfm] – Colored People’s Time Machine
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Track list:
1. Blossoms Of Fire
2. Mind Power
3. Flow Throo (ft. Madlines the Lioness)
4. Alien Native (ft. Sonny Singh)
5. Beit (ft. Sabreena Da Witch)
6. Goodnight
7. Diaspora (ft. SKIM)
8. Saturn’s Return (ft. okanomodé, Cristina Orbé & Maya Jenkins)
9. You A Star (ft. Khingz)
10. Babylon By Bus
11. Sarung Banggi (ft. Rogue Pinay)
12. Sangre Nueva (ft. Bocafloja)
13. Sun & Breeze (ft. Meklit Hadero & Amos Miller)
14. Colored People’s Time Machine
15. Ella Mable Bright (ft. Meklit Hadero)
16. Still With You (ft. SKIM & Amos Miller)

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