Rebelution Triple Release – Featuring Two Bonus CDs of Dub & Acoustic Mixes

Santa Barbara reggae unit [lastfm]Rebelution[/lastfm] follow up 2009’s Bright Side of Life with a triple album. Peace of Mind‘s 3xCD set includes twelve new songs in three different versions: electric, acoustic, and dub (mixed by Michael Goldwasser of [lastfm]Easy Star All Stars[/lastfm]).

The “dub” version of reggae music has existed since [lastfm]Lee “Scratch” Perry[/lastfm] and [lastfm]The Scientist[/lastfm] raised the role of their recording consoles, running bare-boned and slow-burnt rhythms through various effect machines. Vocals were treated as another sound to add to the atmosphere and were drenched in space echos that would stretch the tail to infinity. Most of the dub versions featured with Peace of Mind leave the vocals out, giving the instrumentation (and added elements) the opportunity to carry the song – and the result is wonderful. Light-hearted dub-reggae will rarely offend, and fans of the genre can dig into the dub CD with no hesitation.

The band says this album is a “progression musically and genre-wise from past albums,” but if that’s the case, Peace of Mind doesn’t flaunt the shift. Instead, the record remains an easy-going reggae experience that keeps the melodies catchy and the rhythms simple. In some cases, the acoustic versions are even better than the electric – if only because of the added space each sound gets.

[lastfm]Rebelution[/lastfm] – Peace of Mind
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