O’Brother Releases Impressive Debut, “Garden Window”

Fans of [lastfm]Thrice[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Isis[/lastfm], meet their fearless bastard child. [lastfm]O’Brother[/lastfm] releases their volatile debut album, Garden Window, via Triple Crown Records.

Switching from post-rock, to progressive, to hardcore, and back again, Garden Window displays a dizzying array of styles. [lastfm]O’Brother[/lastfm] excels at all of them, creating a lengthy debut (clocks in just over an hour) that blurs the myopic division lines between rock genres altogether.

Singer Tanner Merritt alternates screaming and singing with a prowess reminiscent of [lastfm]Oceansize[/lastfm] et al, but that skill is only as good as the instrumentation behind it – and the rest of the band creates the perfect setting for Merritt to let loose. The songs twist and unfurl with ear-stunning complexities; “Poison!” billows from an explosive intro into a meditative bridge that slowly climbs and descends again. Seven minutes has never gone by so fast.

If you like any of the music from the artists mentioned above, Garden Window is more than worth your time. The product of a young band with so much promise should not go ignored; rock music needs talent like [lastfm]O’Brother[/lastfm]‘s now more than ever.

[lastfm]O’Brother[/lastfm] – Garden Window
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