James Durbin Stream – Listen To Songs From “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster”

[lastfm]James Durbin[/lastfm]‘s debut album has only been out for two weeks, and already it is a phenomenon. Street Date has received more comments on our live session with James than for any other performer in 2011. There is just something so compelling about the songs on Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster that whether you’re familiar with Durbin’s story or not, the themes resonate. Click through to listen to the full album, and if you missed his live performance of “Screaming,” “Love Me Bad,” and more, this is your chance to get caught up.

Click here now to listen to songs from Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster at James Durbin’s Facebook page.

[worldnow id=6455630 width=385 height=288 type=video]

That’s just a taste of the solid live performance [lastfm]James Durbin[/lastfm] turned in at the Street Date studios. Here are the other three songs he performed – click on the song title to be taken to the video:

- “Love Me Bad”
“Right Behind You”
“Stand Up”

For those songs and our full review of Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster click here.

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4 Responses to James Durbin Stream – Listen To Songs From “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster”

  1. wendyucliu says:

    I’ve been playing James’ CD every single day for over 2 weeks now, and it has not gotten old. Love his music! It’s so refreshing! His acoustic performances are like no others. It’s full of energy. Cannot wait to see him live with electric and full blast sound system!

  2. jesus christ! where was this guy before? powerhouse.. outcast is great, though i liked all of them.. they say the bonus songs are good too.. where can i get those?

  3. New James Durbin fan says:

    I just bought Memories of a Beautiful Disaster and it is amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of James Durbin’s while he was on the show, but after I previewed his CD on another site I went out and bought it yesterday. I absolutely love it and I think I’ve played it 100 times already since yesterday.

    • TheRenegadewoman says:

      That is sooooo awesome to hear…..his music is addicting !! The more you listen the more you want to listen… and buy !!!

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