Daughtry Check All The Boxes With New Album, “Break The Spell”

[lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm], one of the few rock bands to emerge from the American Idol universe, release their third full-length Break The Spell this week. Touted by front man [lastfm]Chris Daughtry[/lastfm] as sounding “nothing like the past two [albums]“ (2007’s #1 Bestselling Album Daughtry and 2009’s Leave This Town featuring the full band), the new record opts for more positive lyricism and a little less production sheen in favor of larger-than-life power chords.

Chris and co. do not stray too far from the same radio-friendly rock that skyrocketed their debut album to 4x platinum status on Break The Spell. “Renegade” and “Outta My Head” explode with stadium riffs and over the top vocals fans have come to expect from [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm], and ballads “Gone Too Soon” and “Rescue Me” highlight an impressive falsetto rarely heard from Chris since he was covering classics for Idol.

But no matter how rugged and raw an image [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm] project, their third album is doused in refined studio sheen. Crystallized vocals, over-compressed guitars and metronomic rhythms plod through the motions track after track that leaves the album sounding predictable and plastic. Chris proved himself beyond talented in 2006 and [lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm] a powerhouse rock group with enough hooks to bat with [lastfm]Nickelback[/lastfm]. Unfortunately, the new album does little to break the stylistic pattern of the last two releases, and fans looking for something more out of Daughtry will be disappointed.

[lastfm]Daughtry[/lastfm] – Break The Spell
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Track list:
1. Renegade
2. Crawling Back To You
3. Outta My Head
4. Start of Something Good
5. Crazy
6. Break The Spell
7. We’re Not Gonna Fall
8. Gone Too Soon
9. Losing My Mind
10. Rescue Me
11. Louder Than Ever
12. Spaceship

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  1. Valerie says:

    Daughtry’s Fans are definitely NOT disappointed in Break The Spell. Just read his Twitter timeline from the last week which is overflowing with glowing praise! We LOVE it!!!

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