“A Little Bit Of Everything” – Dawes Show Off New Tunes In Exclusive Acoustic Performance

[pullquote quote="The focus from 'North Hills' to 'Nothing Is Wrong' shifted pretty naturally and easily." credit="Dawes, on recording their new album"]As fans and critics soak up Nothing Is Wrong, the sophomore album from [lastfm]Dawes[/lastfm], frontman Taylor Goldsmith is drawing comparisons to a young [lastfm]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm]. From a songwriting perspective, the comparisons are apt. Goldsmith pens tunes that conjure up a specific place and time, though that destination will be different for each listener. There is something distinctly American about the sounds and themes emanating from the band’s California headquarters, and it colors songs like “Time Spent In Los Angeles” and “Coming Back To A Man” as well as a brilliant bit of songwriting called “A Little Bit Of Everything.” Watch as [lastfm]Dawes[/lastfm] perform live in the Street Date studios and listen in on their exclusive interview.

Dawes – Exclusive Interview
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[pullquote quote="We don't want to be representatives necessarily, but we're not going to deny the fact that we come from there, and it's left its mark." credit="Dawes, on the California influence in their music"][lastfm]Dawes[/lastfm] are a California band, and the influence of that place is felt throughout the songs on their two albums. But Goldsmith is careful about being pigeonholed as a West Coast band and avoids tying his songs too overtly to that place. His insight into what it means to live there and grow up there is present on many songs, however, and none more so than “Time Spent In Los Angeles.” It’s the album’s opening track, and is the first song performed at this intimate studio session.

“Time Spent In Los Angeles”
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“Million Dollar Bill”
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This last song has the potential to turn a great album into something truly timeless. “A Little Bit Of Everything” was just a scrawl in Taylor Goldsmith’s notebook when the Nothing Is Wrong recording sessions began. He hadn’t even shared it with his bandmates until they were nearly done piecing together the new record. But that kernel of an idea, that fresh green sprout of a lyric, just wouldn’t stay on the page and once Goldsmith shared it with the band, the song quickly took shape. The tune is a testament to Goldsmith’s songwriting ability: inherently simple in structure, but capable of stoking boundless imagination in the listener. Listen in as Goldsmith performs the song solo for the final portion of our session.

“A Little Bit Of Everything”
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The full track listing for Nothing Is Wrong is as follows:

1. Time Spent In Los Angeles
2. If I Wanted Someone
3. My Way Back Home
4. Coming Back To A Man
5. So Well
6. How Far We’ve Come
7. Fire Away
8. Moon In The Water
9. Million Dollar Bill
10. The Way You Laugh
11. A Little Bit Of Everything

Grab your copy of Nothing Is Wrong by [lastfm]Dawes[/lastfm] today at iTunes and Amazon.

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