Rising NYC Band Caveman Release “CoCo Beware”

There was a time when indie music cared less about clothing and retro-revivalism. Only a few years ago bands from NYC and beyond flew their indie flags by exploring complex pop melodies, redefining song structures, and utilizing every sound under the sun as percussion. This eventually got out of hand, as more artists clung to [lastfm]Animal Collective[/lastfm]‘s Merriweather Post Pavilion, indebted their sounds to MPP’s bass-meets-psychedelica electronics and distancing themselves from the organic approach of 2007′s Feels and [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm]‘s Yellow House. So witch house and chillwave were born, and music lovers, for the most part, cringed. Thankfully, all things move in cycles, especially genre trends. [lastfm]Caveman[/lastfm], a rising five-piece from NYC, are blessed by their adherence to “old school” (as in four years ago) indie, writing songs with a commitment to melody over trends.

“Old Friend” is Caveman‘s lead single for their debut album, CoCo Beware, and you stream the song here:

CoCo features spaced-out guitars and percussion that lends itself as much to a song’s atmosphere as it does to the driving rhythm. Four-part harmonies take from [lastfm]Brian Wilson[/lastfm] and the aforementioned Brooklynite-band [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm], but with [lastfm]Caveman[/lastfm]‘s execution become another texture in another song’s dense environment. “Vampirer” scores daydreams for the heartbroken; album closer “My Rooms” addresses the loneliness of introversion with mounting stick rhythms and a heavy chorus of “oh’s.” CoCo isn’t all drab and dreary; “Decide” and “My Time” reference autumnal adventures with steady guitar strums and driving rhythms, like rolling around in piles of leaves with your high school crush.

Watch Caveman perform songs from CoCo Beware all week long on Last.fm Discover – starting with “Old Friend”:

[worldnow id=6339122 width=384 height=256 type=video]

CoCo Beware come highly recommended for fans of [lastfm]Grizzly Bear[/lastfm], [lastfm]Arcade Fire[/lastfm], Feels-era [lastfm]Animal Collective[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Deerhunter[/lastfm].

[lastfm]Caveman[/lastfm] – CoCo Beware (Magic Man!)
Street Date: September 13th

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