Childish Gambino Takes Us To “Camp” In New Album

It appears that the way best way to make it in entertainment is to be multi talented and willing to take risks. Donald Glover has proven to be a successful comedian doing stand up and starring in the television show “Community” but can he be taken seriously in the rap game under the alias of Childish Gambino?

Donald Glover is already a well known stand up comedian and star on the comedy tv show Community with his always hilarious antics. The 28 year old actor has been writing comedy for years and has quickly become known for contributing to shows such as the Daily Show and 30Rock.

Donald Glover On Community

Glover has been releasing music on the underground since 2008 under the stage name Childish Gambino. He didn’t get much attention for his music until the release of the critically acclaimed single Freaks & Geeks. The single quickly garnered plenty of attention earning him a record deal to start recording an official album.

Freaks & Geeks

The album Glover quickly began work on is “Camp” and its a full out barrage of lyrical music that many fans can relate to and appreciate. The entire album had no features and consisted of some of the more unique music to be collected on one project. The genre is not just hip hop as tracks like lead single Bonfire show a heavy appreciation for rock music in its composition. The video to the song is a clear reflection of both Glover’s creativity and humor as it never gives a reason to turn away from the screen.


The vulgar lyrics on the album are Glover’s view on the state of hip hop and for the most part society. The track You See Me is such a lyrical attack on the beat that sends a message that Glover is a true artist that should be taken very seriously. I like to compare his style to something similar to Tyler, The Creator and his movement just with a more comedic position on certain subjects. The album is a must have and should be taken into heavy consideration from the mainstream hip hop critics.

[lastfm]Childish Gambino[/lastfm] – Camp (Glassnote)
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1. Outside
2. Fire Fly
3. Bonfire
4. All The Shine
5. Letter Home
6. Heartbeat
7. Backpackers
8. L.E.S.
9. Hold You Down
10. Kids (Keep Up)
11. You See Me
12. Sunrise
13. That Power

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