Deer Tick’s “Divine Providence” Packs In 12 Feel Good Tunes; Drops October 24th.

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Deer Tick[/lastfm] are back with their fourth full-length LP Divine Providence, which comes filled to the brim with fun songs that are sure to remind you of what authentic music is really about; which is one of the key reasons that the album is such a great success on so many levels.

The band’s latest effort is definitely something to get excited about if you’re a fan of natural sounding rock records with a taste of nostalgia (that don’t suffer from a suffocating amount of over-production). Singer John McCauley’s constantly improving lyrical quality also shines brighter than ever and meshes perfectly with the continuously developing old school sound that the band is praised for.

Click play below to check out a stellar live performance of the fifth track from Divine Providence entitled ”Main Street”:

One interesting aspect that should not be overlooked is the way that over-production could have mangled Divine Providence, as one of the records biggest strengths is the fact that the instrumentation doesn’t sound as if it was performed by a well paid cast of four hundred robots. In fact, perhaps the biggest upside of the albums production and resulting sound is that the songwriting really has a ton of room to breathe which makes for a far greater overall impact especially in songs like “Clownin’ Around”, “Make Believe” & “Chevy Express”, which collectively may be the bands best cuts to date.

There is certainly a unique dynamic that the bands “raw” sound creates and it is the force that drives the record. This dynamic would not feel nearly the same with the inclusion of overwhelming mix cluttering textures which are created by all the peripheral instrumentation; currently being found on more recent releases than ever before, dubbed as the “wall of sound” type production.

This is not to say that the band swore off all aspects of production though. There are quite a few songs on Divine Providence like “Electric” & “Now It’s Your Turn” that serve as perfect examples of songs that are just simply better with the addition of select instruments outside the bands normal repertoire.

Divine Providence is one of those records that makes it just a little easier to have faith in the future of music. It leaves little to be desired from a fan perspective and is never short of great songwriting and genuinity. The band as a unit makes what they set out to accomplish abundantly clear through the recording which makes for a sound that really is a great representation of what this band truly is at its core.

Above all, Divine Providence is easily appreciated if you give it a chance because of its character. All of the songs are fun, quirky and filled with energy. There is even light banter from the band in between select tracks which really make the record a fun, memorable ride.

The track listing for Divine Providence is as follows:

01 The Bump
02 Funny Word
03 Let’s All Go to the Bar
04 Clownin’ Around
05 Main Street
06 Chevy Express
07 Something to Brag About
08 Walkin Out the Door
09 Make Believe
10 Now It’s Your Turn
11 Electric
12 Miss K.

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Deer Tick[/lastfm]‘s Divine Providence is available October 24th on Amazon & iTunes.

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