R&B Powerhouse Joe Performs “Dear Joe” From New Album “The Good the Bad the Sexy”

Recently we were visited by one of the smoothest singers in all of R&B, who treated us to a song from his new album plus a few old favorites. Watch now as [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] warms up the Street Date studios with his new song “Dear Joe” off his brand new album The Good the Bad the Sexy which is out now.

You may remember [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] from such super-smooth R&B ballads as “All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)” and “Thank God I Found You” (with [lastfm]Mariah Carey[/lastfm]). Or if you’re more inclined towards hip hop, you may have first encountered Joe in 2000 when his song “Stutter” topped the charts, with rap verses supplied by [lastfm]Mystikal[/lastfm]. His new album The Good the Bad the Sexy continues [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm]‘s reign at the top of the R&B game, as displayed here on his new single “Dear Joe.”

“Dear Joe”
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After treating us to his new single, [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] busted out two older tunes and gave them a proper run-thru. Click play below to watch the trio perform “All That I Am” followed by “No One Else Comes Close,” both of which are from Joe’s 1998 album All That I Am. Fans who see Joe live on his current tour can expect to hear both of these now-classic tunes in addition to the new material.

“All That I Am”
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“No One Else Comes Close”
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For an artist like [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] who is nearly two decades into his career, some things come easier than they did in the past, while new challenges begin to present themselves. As he says in this interview, he still pushes himself to “get better,” and to put out “quality, quality, quality.” One thing is always true though – ex-relationships are fertile ground for songwriting inspiration. Such is the case on “Dear Joe,” a riff on the classic scenario of the ‘Dear John Letter’ which Joe says happened to him in this case. Listen in for this story and more from Joe in our exclusive interview.

Exclusive Interview with Joe
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Click here for our album review of The Good the Bad the Sexy and pick up your copy today at Amazon.

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