Joe Lets Us In On “The Good, The Bad & The Sexy”

It has been a long and very successful career for R&B singer [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] supplying fans with hit songs the last few decades. His latest project The Good the Bad the Sexy is a reminder of how talented and creative the 39 year old is and will continue to be for years to come. Get ready for some real R&B as [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] takes us back in time to the glory days of the genre.

The career of [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] has seen the singer produce timeless hits and collaborations with some of music’s top artists. His songs “I Wanna Know”, “More” and “Stutter” were big hits on the charts in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. His biggest hit was the infamous collaboration with the late rapper [lastfm]Big Pun[/lastfm] on the track “Still Not A Player” receiving plenty of air play at radio stations nationwide.

Joe – Still Not A Player

Fast forward to 2011 [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] has since left the lime light of being a major label artist to the independent circuit. In his latest album Joe continues the same trend that made him such a well-known artist in his early days. The Good the Bad the Sexy is a collection of modern-day R&B tracks that haven’t been heard since the glory days of the 1990’s. The album’s lead single Losing is a clear example of [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] sticking to his roots and delivering heavy passion into his music.

Joe – Losing

The album has plenty of passionate music but the tracks that stood out were ”Dear Joe” and “Impossible” since they complimented his style so well. Joe takes us back through time with the album with most of the tracks but takes an unnecessary turn into the alleged new R&B sound in some songs. He is best suited to stay with his original style and not conform to today’s R&B that is heavily controlled by the likes of [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Frank Ocean[/lastfm].

[lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] for the most part sticks to his core audience that has been loyal with him for years and delivers a decent album. All classic R&B fans will appreciate this project and give it the respect it deserves and hopefully [lastfm]Joe[/lastfm] will stay the same artist we have grown to love and respect.

Track listing

01. Losing
02. Time Of Your Life
03. Almost There
04. Circles
05. Pull My Hair
06. Dear Joe
07. Slow Kisses
08. Lose Control
09. Tonight
10. Impossible
11. Drink Up

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