The Kings Of Metal Kick Off Goodbyes, The ‘Metal’ Way With ‘Chosen Few’

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Judas Priest[/lastfm] are one of the key innovators of metal music. They inspired generations of bands and metallic music would be why they are indeed chosen. Their latest release, The Chosen Few they kick off the Epitaph tour and prepare for their final descend from the world of Rock and Metallic music.

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Judas Priest[/lastfm] ‘s  The Chosen Few is a compilation of songs, hand-picked by the those in music and rock that reflect their favorites and the richness of Priest’s sound.

Included for input are legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, James Hetfield of [lastfm]Metallica[/lastfm], Joe Elliott, Slash, Lemmy of [lastfm]Motorhead[/lastfm], Kerry King, and [lastfm]Corey Taylor[/lastfm].

Each has taken their favorite Priest songs from 1977′s “Diamonds And Rust” to 1990′s “Painkiller” and brought a project of favorites to the forefront.

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Ozzy Osbourne[/lastfm]‘s pick: “The Ripper”
“This has always been one of my favorite Judas Priest songs…. I just want to know what the f**k that note is that Rob Halford hits in the beginning of the song. F*****g hell!! That note is probably just below what only dogs can hear.”

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Alice Cooper[/lastfm]‘s pick:”Living After Midnight”
“For a metal band, Priest has always used tons of melody… when you have a singer as great as Rob Halford, you have to write great riffs WITH great melodies, you can’t just have riffs. ‘Living After Midnight’ is the perfect example…”

As the ultimate tribute to the ultimate metal band, The Chosen Few embodies the legend of Priest, one that has blazed a trail for hordes of rock bands.

[lastfm]Judas Priest[/lastfm] – The Chosen Few (Sony Legacy)
iTunes | Amazon
Street Date: October 11th

Track Listing:
1. Diamonds And Rust
2. Dissident Aggressor
3. Exciter
4. Beyond The Realms Of Death
5. Delivering The Goods
6. The Green Manalishi
7. The Ripper
8. Victim Of Changes
9. Breaking The Law
10. Rapid Fire
11. Grinder
12. Living After Midnight
13. Screaming For Vengeance
14. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
15. The Sentinel
16. Turbo Lover
17. Painkiller

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