Saves The Day Master Class: Learn To Play “Let It All Go”

[pullquote quote="It's a bit of a brainy song, but it sounds really simple." credit="Chris Conley of Saves The Day"]“With the melody being this simple you can get away with a lot of tricks underneath it,” says [lastfm]Saves The Day[/lastfm] frontman Chris Conley of “Let It All Go,” a song that came to him in the middle of the night. Conley graciously agreed to teach us the guitar parts to the song for the Master Class series, in partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Follow along as Conley and guitarist Arun Bali share some of their secrets in this exclusive studio performance.

Saves The Day Master Class: “Let It All Go”
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[pullquote quote="You've just gotta keep it fun, and remember why you love playing music to begin with." credit="Arun Bali"]The new [lastfm]Saves The Day[/lastfm] album Daybreak completes a trilogy of albums that document an incredible time of transition in bandleader Chris Conley’s life. As he explains in this Master Class video, the melody for “Let It All Go” came to him as he was lying in bed one night. “I was trying to fall asleep and I had this almost annoying pattern in my head…” Conley got up from his bed, sang the melody into his recorder, and the rest of the song came together quickly after that. As he explains in the video, the chords for this song are more complicated than those in your average rock song. For anyone learning to play guitar, Conley and Bali’s demonstration of these chords will be nothing short of inspiring.

The other songs on Daybreak are just as inspiring, as Conley takes the listener on an intimate tour of his own headspace. The theme here is “acceptance” which is a happy ending of sorts, after documenting his struggle with negativity and despair on Sound The Alarm and Under The Boards, the first two albums in the trilogy. Click through to read our album review of Daybreak for much more on this excellent record.

Many thanks to Chris and Arun from [lastfm]Saves The Day[/lastfm] for pouring their hearts & souls into this Master Class. They join a distinguished list of artists who have lent their time to the project – click any link below for more fun & simple music lessons.

Stay tuned for more Master Classes, brought to you by Energizer in proud partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Now that’s positivenergy.

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