Album Review: Stateless Releases New EP; Slugabed, Blue Daisy Remixes

Early this spring, [lastfm]Stateless[/lastfm] released their album Matilda (read our review here), an ambitious – and occasionally over-reaching – take on conceptual songwriting with a generous electronic rhythms and lush string arrangements. The third EP from the album focuses on the stand-out duet with [lastfm]Shara Worden[/lastfm] of [lastfm]My Brightest Diamond[/lastfm], with two remixes and two new tracks.

The mighty [lastfm]Blue Daisy[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Slugabed[/lastfm] tackle “I’m On Fire” to dazzlingly different effects. Blue extrapolates the smoke and romance embedded in the original into wisps of white noise and translucent melodies covered under a blanket of lo-fi haze. He lifts the covers at the very end, revealing the screams of a long-stiffed lover and chunky rhythms of persistent heartbreak. Sluggo, on the other hand, flips “Fire” into a hip hop/sci-fi jam with ghostly pitch-shifting vocals and subtle synth work, re-appropriating the original’s melancholia into dancefloor potential.

The two original songs from [lastfm]Stateless[/lastfm] – new track “Blue Fire” and a quartet version of “Bloodstream” – continue the sonic trend of Matilda. The former revisits the male-female duet format of “I’m On Fire,” this time featuring [lastfm]Amenta[/lastfm], an artist I am largely unfamiliar with, though her voice calls to mind both [lastfm]This Mortal Coil[/lastfm] and the sisters of [lastfm]CocoRosie[/lastfm]. “Bloodstream” comes from the first [lastfm]Stateless[/lastfm] album, self-titled and released on !K7 Records, re-imagined here with the help of producer/composer [lastfm]Daniel Keane[/lastfm] and a string quartet. A bare-bones rendition , its complex harmonies and counter-melodies between singer/songwriter Chris James are truly a work to behold.

[lastfm]Stateless[/lastfm] – I’m On Fire (Ninja Tune)
Street Date: September 20th
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