Primus Introduces The World To “Green Naugahyde”

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Primus[/lastfm] returns with their seventh studio album “Green Naugahyde” and first recordings since all the way back in 2000. The band returns with a bang after a little help from a small cartoon town called South Park.

It appears the long lay off out of the spotlight didn’t dim the anticipation for a new Primus album as the band’s latest album got a surprising promotion. The full album was streamed on the Facebook account of South Park by show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker who are apparently big fans. The bands unique version of funk rock has helped to distinguish them among many and have helped them go on plenty of tours to festivals such as this years Bonnnaroo concert.

Primus Official Album Trailer 

The album follows suit throughout with plenty of wacky sounds and top-notch play on the instruments keeping the loyal fan base happy. The group may have been on tour for years but they still had more than enough to deliver another fantastic album further growing their musical legend. A perfect example of the band’s presence on stage is very casual as shown at a recent concert performing their new song “Jilly’s On Smack”.

Jilly’s On Smack


Green Naugahyde’s tracklist
1. Prelude To A Crawl
2. Hennepin Crawler
3. Last Salmon Man
4. Eternal Consumption Engine
5. Tragedy’s a’ Comin’
6. Eyes Of The Squirrel
7. Jilly’s On Smack
8. Lee Van Cleef
9. Moron TV
10. Green Ranger
12. Extinction Burst
13. Salmon Men

Green Naugahyde, the new album from [lastfm]Primus[/lastfm] is available now at iTunes and Amazon.

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