The Nightwatchman Speaks: Tom Morello Stirs Rebellion On “World Wide Rebel Songs”

[pullquote quote="Can you find personal redemption? Can you silence the voices in your head... by fighting for justice through music?" credit="Tom Morello, as The Nightwatchman"]Legendary guitarist [lastfm]Tom Morello[/lastfm] didn’t just wake up one day and decide to save the world. Nor did his alter-ego, The Nightwatchman, hatch out of thin air and begin his worldwide campaign for social justice. The truth is quite the opposite. Morello, the master guitarist behind both [lastfm]Rage Against The Machine[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Audioslave[/lastfm], began his fight against injustice and intolerance decades ago as a teenage misfit growing up in the Chicago suburbs.
Watch as Morello discusses the evolution of [lastfm]The Nightwatchman[/lastfm] project (now with electric guitar!) on the new album World Wide Rebel Songs, and hear what motivates him to continue his unending quest for social justice.

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[pullquote quote="It's a record of rousing hopelessness. Desperate times deserve desperate music." credit=""]The style of the first three albums by [lastfm]The Nightwatchman[/lastfm] was very much an acoustic, singer-songwriter vibe. Beginning in 2007, Morello released three Nightwatchman albums titled One Man Revolution, The Fabled City and Union Town. Each album expressed his desire to topple the bastions of tyranny and inequality in the world and documented his (sometimes very real) efforts to do just that.

On World Wide Rebel Songs, Morello’s politics are still at the fore, and he has added electric guitars and a full-band sound which sets this record apart from those that came before. His guitar, dubbed “Black Spartacus, Heart Attack Machine” was the inspiration for the album’s opening track. Here is the rest of the album’s track listing:

1. Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine
2. The Dogs Of Tijuana
3. It Begins Tonight
4. Save The Hammer For The Man (Feat. Ben Harper)
5. The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse
6. Speak And Make Lightning
7. Facing Mount Kenya
8. The Whirlwind
9. Stray Bullets
10. Branding Iron
11. World Wide Rebel Songs
12. God Help Us All
13. Union Town

World Wide Rebel Songs by [lastfm]The Nightwatchman[/lastfm] is available now at Amazon and iTunes.

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