Kina Grannis’ Master Class: Learn To Play “Message From Your Heart”

[pullquote quote="What is it like to be someone's heart?" credit="Kina Grannis, on 'Message From Your Heart'"]Growing up in Southern California, young [lastfm]Kina Grannis[/lastfm] was always a musical child. By elementary school she was composing original songs on the piano, and by high school she had mastered the violin and begun to teach herself to play guitar. By her sophomore year in college she had recorded her first album, Sincerely Me, and had her sights set on a career in music.
Grannis was a natural choice for the Master Class series, created in partnership with Energizer and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Watch as she demonstrates the guitar chords and strumming patterns for her amazing single “Message From Your Heart.”

Learn to play “Message From Your Heart”
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[pullquote quote="Chord names are good to know, but you don't have to know them (if you don't want to)." credit="Kina Grannis, on learning guitar"]In this episode of the Master Class series, [lastfm]Kina Grannis[/lastfm] takes us through the chord progressions and strumming patterns she uses for “Message From Your Heart,” a song that has brought her much success as an independent artist. The tune, from her album Stairwells, examines what it’s like to be someone’s heart, which Grannis says is “your most important body part” and “the source of both your love and misery.” While Grannis herself has mastered the chords on her Taylor guitar, she explains that it’s not necessary to master music theory before learning to play:

I think the good thing about music is that you play it because you love it. Theory can be extremely helpful but if you just like to play it because it feels good, you don’t have to really know theory.

[lastfm]Kina Grannis[/lastfm]‘s album Stairwells was released in 2011 by and is available now at her web store and on iTunes and Amazon. You can catch Grannis performing live this Fall – visit her events page for details on her tour.

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Stay tuned for more Master Classes, brought to you by Energizer in proud partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Now that’s positivenergy.

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  2. stuart dasar says:

    brilliant, fall in love with her all over again every time. truly a gift to us all in otherwise difficult times…….

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