Zee Avi Performs Songs From Her New Album “Ghostbird”

[pullquote quote="My dad is my biggest fan... He would fight you for that title!" credit="Zee Avi"]The title of [lastfm]Zee Avi[/lastfm]‘s new album is Ghostbird, but it might as well be titled Rarebird, as Avi is one of the most unique and rare talents to ever grace the Street Date studio. Conceived in her Brooklyn kitchen and flavored by a trip to the Florida Everglades, Ghostbird is Avi’s second album on [lastfm]Jack Johnson[/lastfm]‘s Brushfire Records. Click through now to watch her perform three songs from the new album and hear her comments in our exclusive interview.

“Swell Window”
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Born and raised on the island of Borneo in Malaysia, [lastfm]Zee Avi[/lastfm] was discovered (where else?) on YouTube after posting videos of her performing songs in her bedroom. A dedicated following soon formed around her videos, and it wasn’t long before record companies came calling. As she relates in our interview, her parents weren’t even aware of her songwriting until she broke the news that she’d been offered a record deal and wanted to move to the U.S.

Exclusive Interview with Zee Avi
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[pullquote quote="There's just so much optimism and naivete in the song, that really captured me." credit="Zee Avi, on The Book Of Morris Johnson"]One of the most interesting tracks on Ghostbird is “The Book Of Morris Johnson” – a tune that was inspired by the work of the American folk artist of the same name, who is known for his depictions of animal life with deep underlying symbolism. Avi was so inspired by his work that Morris’s themes (the “gator grin” for instance) kept popping up in her songwriting.

“The Book Of Morris Johnson”
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Here’s the final song from [lastfm]Zee Avi[/lastfm]‘s performance, this is “Milestone Moon.”

“Milestone Moon”
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Here is the full track listing for Ghostbird:
1. Swell Window
2. Anchor
3. 31 Days
4. Milestone Moon
5. Siboh Kitak Nangis
6. The Book Of Morris Johnson
7. Madness
8. Bag Of Gold
9. Concrete Wall
10. Roll Your Head In The Sun
11. Stay In The Clouds

You can find [lastfm]Zee Avi[/lastfm]‘s new album Ghostbird on sale now at Amazon and iTunes.

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