The Bandana Splits Debut Album Out August 16th

What do you get when you combine harmonies, lipstick and 1950s soda fountain waitresses? Clearly you get The Bandana Splits! When these three lovely ladies from Brooklyn met, the chemistry was instant as well as their dreamy sound. With the help of famous producer Mr. Sam Cohen, formerly of the band Apollo Sunshine, The Bandana Splits have created a completely unique sound that brings us back to the great girl-groups of long ago.

The throwback trio comprised of Dawn Landes, Lauren Balthrop and Annie Nero. The group owes their lovable name to their fondness of both banana splits and bandanas, two things that would make a girl feel right at home in a soda fountain in the 50s. Their album is unique because it was recorded live with the girls singing into one mic and Sam Cohen playing all the instruments.

Check out the Bandana Split’s first video of their single “Sometimes” here:

Fans can expect the Bandana Splits to become a household beginning on August 29th when their debut album comes out. You can catch the lovely ladies live August 16th at the Brooklyn Farmacy. All upcoming shows are listed on their Myspace page.

You can pre-order the debut album at Amazon

Track listing:
1. Sometimes
2. Ricky Dee
3. Lavez Vous
4. Desert Love
5. My Love
6. Choo Choo
7. Stay If You Wanna
8. Baby Talkin’ (The Shoo Wop Song)
9. You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry
10. Chemistry
11. Hold On
12. All You Gotta Do Is Fall In Love
13. Hawaiian Love Song

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