David Cook Performs LIVE, Playing Selections From New Album “This Loud Morning”

[pullquote quote="The themes that permeate this record are: Love and Loss." credit="David Cook, on This Loud Morning"]He will forever be linked to the show that gave him his big break, but [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm] isn’t trying to run from his American Idol past. Instead, the winner of that show’s seventh season embraces his past and continues to connect with the fan base who voted him to the top. From his first post-Idol release (2008’s David Cook) to his new album This Loud Morning, Cook has managed to hold on to loyal fans and at the same time spread his wings and become a greater musician and songwriter.

Click through to watch Cook perform “Paper Heart” and “The Last Goodby” off his new album, and listen to his comments during our exclusive and intimate interview, all captured live at the Street Date studios.

[pullquote quote="I sucked for a long time. I was a terrible guitar player, for a LONG time." credit="David Cook"]He may have gotten a slow start on the guitar, but hard work and patience are hallmarks of [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm]‘s career and are the reason he’s made it this far. “An ominous undertaking” is how he refers to the process of selecting songs for This Loud Morning, revealing that he and his co-collaborators worked on 87 songs before whittling it down to the 12 that made it onto the album. One of those collaborators was songwriter and producer [lastfm]Ryan Tedder[/lastfm] (of rock band [lastfm]One Republic[/lastfm]) who co-wrote this touching ballad – click play below to watch Cook perform “The Last Goodbye,” one of the stand-out tracks on the new album.

The Last Goodbye” [worldnow id=6047199 width=385 height=288 type=video]

I was in my first band at 15. I was on Idol at 25. So there’s a whole history before that that most people don’t know a lot about. It was my launching pad.” [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm] knows that he is forever linked to American Idol and he embraces the benefits that the association brings. As for his new material, however, reality TV was the farthest thing from his mind when writing for This Loud Morning. Suffering from a major personal loss and struggling to find an outlet for his thoughts and feelings, Cook poured himself into the songwriting for the new album and dug deep to find the themes that meant the most to him. “Paper Heart” is another great example of the care and craftsmanship that went into this project. Hit play below to watch Cook perform the single.

Paper Heart
[worldnow id=6047197 width=385 height=288 type=video]

Get the scoop on [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm]‘s writing process and the stories behind these songs, in our exclusive interview below.

Exclusive Interview with [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm] [worldnow id=6047194 width=385 height=288 type=video]

You can find This Loud Morning by [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm], available now at iTunes and Amazon.

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31 Responses to David Cook Performs LIVE, Playing Selections From New Album “This Loud Morning”

  1. Judy Eggart says:

    I still love you David Cook but not your hair stylist who has it dark and greasy aand stiff.
    I love the light brown scruffy look that defines you. This style makes you look like a
    punker, and that’s not you.

  2. lynsoul says:

    Thanks for the great interview, and the awesome acoustic versions of Paper Heart and The Last Goodbye. Now if you could just invite him to come back and play the remainder of the songs from This Loud Morning, I would be so happy, very very happy:)

  3. Jiggy says:

    “This Loud Morning” is a heartfelt, artistic, meaningful record of coming-to-terms with gain and loss, love and grief, despair and hope. I hope many people will have the experience of letting the entire album unfold for them.

    DCook is a man of great integrity and guts. I look forward to observing his career and enjoying his work for years to come.

  4. Nicole D says:

    Thank you for the great interview! You’ll want to have him back to sing more songs off of This Loud Morning! I guaranty, I will always be a loyal David Cook fan-he changed everything! He is such an incredible talent, his voice-the falsetto WOW, and the integrity and heart of this man is immeasurable, not to mention the rest of the package. More people should be like him.
    I can’t wait til starts singing Circadian, REM, Take Me As I Am, Time Marches On and last but not least – Goodbye to the Girl and I have have to include Fade Into Me, for interviews or even on TV for the world to hear (I was only going to mention 1 song and couldn’t). What it comes down to is This Loud Morning Deluxe is so darn good and he hasn’t even played the best ones yet for any interview. He’s my only idol!

  5. Thank you for the Street Date Radio Interview and performance from David Cook and Neal Tiemann. David’s new album, “This Loud Morning” brings the next level of artistry to his work. I don’t get tired of listening to his songs because they are so layered and intricate. . I support David because of his music, charity work, and integrity.

  6. NyCArole says:

    I wanna thank “Matt” for really “getting” David Cook and TLM which is a mirror of his heart… the love the pain the loss of his brother… becoming The American Idol…. touring 154 shows…. and when it all stopped on a Quiet Night….he knew he would wake to a very ‘LOUD Morning indeed!’ Rather than “drowning” himself in sorrow and shock,,, he chose his music as a vehicle to deal with this rush of emotions…he had put on hold. Thus… David Cook opened his heart and “Let Go” with soaring vocals for all to hear….’truths” others might try to hide! Humbled.. This~ multi-platinum artist, Accomplished Musician, Songwriter worked long and hard to put out a record he was proud of! His way! I love #TLM and ALL that David Cook is! Proud to be fan ~ NyCArole

  7. I loved the two songs and the interview. I have enjoyed each and every time I’ve heard David Cook sing. During the Idol competition, I was paying more attention through a part of the process to David Archuleta. I will never forget the night David Cook just stepped up and walked into the win for me! The thought of that moment still sends chills up and down my spine! He has one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard, and writes wonderful songs. I wish him all the success in the world, and all the happiness his heart can handle!

  8. Pattie says:

    I love that Mr. Cook puts so much of himself into his music, and it is evident from the result. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat, and it really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing the beautiful acoustic performances and for the great interview.

  9. Nina Mann says:

    Great interview with David Cook. Can’t stop listening to This Loud Morning. Amazing songs and music from an amazing man. Thank you so much.

  10. Thank you for a very nice interview! David is a class act, so humble – and so incredibly talented at singing, writing, and just being a “good person’. What a wonderful example he sets. If there were more people like David Cook in this world it would most certainly be a much nicer place – with much better music!

  11. rea says:

    Beautiful songs. Such an incredible voice. One can tell that he is a good person. Hope everyone gives him a chance and not snob him because he was on American Idol. He is so worth it!

  12. This was a wonderful interview! I love getting more nuggets about this album and about David. The videos are great, especially like hearing Paper Heart acoustically. Just one thing, David….please open your eyes! I guess it’s natural to close your eyes & focus if you’re in an empty studio, but remember you’re being videotaped & we love your eyes and connecting with you that way. And, btw, you’re a good MUSICIAN….AND a good PERSON! Love “This Loud Morning!”

  13. Peggy Smith says:

    David Cook will never be “pigeon holed” as just a good musician, but will always be known as a good person as well. For me, that is why I am such a huge fan. His character is above reproach and his music speaks for itself if a person really gives it a good listen.

    David was asked in an interview once what his fans could expect from his new album and he answered “Everything they want and more.”. He was telling the truth.

  14. Karen C says:

    Awesome interview, and Paper Heart and Last Goodbye sounded incredible.

  15. Giang says:

    Very nice performances. Once again David Cook showed me how he put his heart on his sleeve. Very sincere, which I appreciate. The music is great too :)

  16. Meg Panch says:

    Great performance and interview by David. It’s always a pleasure to hear him sing AND to hear what he has to say about his songwriting/musicianship. Thank you!… This Loud Morning is amazing.

  17. thanks for this great interview on David Cook. I love his work and can’t wait for him to get out on the road to promote the awesome “This Loud Morning”!

  18. Fred says:

    This guy is the real deal. No gimmicks no glitter biut simple and powerful sound and voice.

  19. rrprieto04 says:

    I love to hear about the new record by David Cook Thanks so much for the interviewL! Hope to see more like this He is a fantastic artist and person

  20. Thanks so much for these! This Loud Morning is truly a special record. The time and care that went into its production is obvious throughout. David Cook will be an artist to be reckoned with for years to come.

  21. opabinia says:

    Thank you for a good interview and allowing David and Neal to perform as only they can. David’s comments only reinforce his commitment to being a good man, a fine musician, and someone of whom I am proud to be a fan. His new album is the best I have heard in many, many years.

  22. Safroniamay says:

    Cook’s intergrity and honesty so evident here. This guy has values and pride in his work as a musician. Can’t wait to hear more about “This Loud Morning” and upcoming shows!

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  24. Penny Taylor says:

    Awesome performance & interview! I could listen 2 him sign/talk all day long! His voice is one of the best in the buiz and he is always so polite, charming, intelligent and funny in his interviews. David Cook is a cut above the rest! Thank you for the videos, loved them and love David Cook.

  25. Love the new CD. Would really like a chance to hear the eighty-something songs that didn’t get picked. Maybe on tour?

  26. ladynsearch says:

    Thanks for this great write up. Loved the interview and performances by David Cook!

  27. ladynsearch says:

    Thanks so much for this! Great interview and great performances by David Cook!

  28. Zilla says:

    Thank you for posting. LOVE the single, LOVE the album!

  29. Skitty Katt says:

    Great performances here and the interview was short but had new information. Thanks for sharing.

  30. mlarracuente says:

    This Loud Morning is beyond beautiful, both in lyrics and melody. To this date I still can’t say which song is my favorite favorite. I’m glad David took his time. Masterpieces cannot be rushed. I just wish there were more albums like this one in a world full of auto tuning crap.

  31. laurie says:

    Awesome, thanks!!

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