Zach Rogue Rides A New Wave, Drops Solo Album As ‘Release The Sunbird’

After feeling a desire to change things up, [lastfm]Zach Rogue[/lastfm] of the band [lastfm]Rogue Wave[/lastfm] decided to work on a solo album that falls somewhere between a solo long player and a side project. Rogue, the critically-acclaimed artist who’s toured with the likes of [lastfm]Death Cab For Cutie[/lastfm], [lastfm]The Shins[/lastfm], and [lastfm]Jack Johnson[/lastfm], decided to take a break from the constant traveling and settle down in Bloomington, IN to record a solo album at a friend’s studio. The result is Come Back To Us, his new album under new moniker [lastfm]Release The Sunbird[/lastfm].

Listen to Come Back To Us right now at

Always Like A Son

Though billed as Rogue’s solo project, [lastfm]Release The Sunbird[/lastfm] includes help from drummer Pete Chreiner, bassist/vocalist Kenny Childers and vocalist Kate Long. Each add their unique talent to the mix and help bring out new sides of Rogue as a songwriter and vocalist. Parts of Come Back To Us sounds similar to early Rogue Wave work, with a familiar intimacy in Rogue’s voice and powerful, introspective lyrics. As the advance press says about the album, it is a “re-introduction to a great artist whose musical voice you thought you already knew.”

Here’s a clip of Rogue and Long performing an acoustic version of their song “Running Away.”

Here’s the full track list for Come Back to Us:
1. It’s All Around You
2. Come Back To Us
3. Always Like The Son
4. No Light
5. Why Can’t You Look At Yourself
6. Best Thing For Me
7. A New You
8. Back Strikes Back
9. Paper Allies
10. Running Away From Me
11. Everytime You Go
12. We’ll Begin Tomorrow
13. Outlook’s Anonymous

Come Back To Us, the new album from [lastfm]Release the Sunbird[/lastfm], is available now at Amazon and iTunes.

Words by Alex Johnson

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