Motor City Drum Ensemble Provides Impressive Retrospective With “DJ Kicks” Mixtape

Looking for the perfect summer dance mix? Look no further. Danilo Plessow, also known as [lastfm]Motor City Drum Ensemble[/lastfm], has just released his first official mix CD from the ongoing mixtape series by !K7, “DJ-Kicks”. Plessow, known for his bass-heavy and soulful sounds has become recognized and loved by house music fans with the release of his “Raw Cuts” 12-inch series. In recent years, Plessow has been a busy man, playing over eighty gigs a year at Berghain, REX, and MOS.

Download and stream a track from the mixtape below:

After listening to “DJ-Kicks” it is clear that Plessow’s brilliance has reached new heights. Plessow went through his collection finding and editing songs in search for what he called those “magic moments”. Plessow sets the tone for the album with Sun Ra’s soulful and powerful “Flow to the Cosmos,” and keeps the album rolling with some more heavy soul numbers, dubbed out Afrobeat, disco, techno, and even some serious funk with the finale, “Sweet Power Your Embrace.” All the songs hold a groove that never releases, with the exception of MCDE’s Robert Hood/Loose Joints mash-up.

The selection of songs prove’s Plessow’s ability to fuse totally disparate sounds into a cohesive listen. To top it all off, Plessow even adds a track of his own entitled “L.O.V.E” to the already stacked lineup. Plessow also reworked “Le Cortege Et Crouse” by the French music composer Phillippe Sarde in a techno style with the original track coming from the film “Ceasar et Rosalie.” Other artists on the album include, Rhythm and Sound, Tony Allen, Mr, Fingers, Timo Lassy, Jason Mason, Electric Wire Hustle, Phillippe Sarde, to name a few.

[lastfm]Motor City Drum Ensemble[/lastfm] – DJ Kicks (!K7)
Street Date: July 19th

1. Sun Ra – Door To The Cosmos
2. Electric Wire Hustle – Again (Scratch 22 Remix)
3. Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive
4. Tony Allen – Ariya
5. Peven Everett – Stuck (Original)
6. Bad Jazz Troupe – Breakdown Treat – Dusty Rework (MCDE Edit)
7. Mr. Fingers – The Juice
8. Rick “Poppa” Howard – Can Your Love Find It’s Way (Club Vocal)
9. Stone – Girl I Like The Way That You Move (Dub)
10. Fred P – On This Vibe
11. Creative Swing Alliance – Don’t Forget Your Keyz
12. Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats – Black Woman Experience
13. Philippe Sarde – Le Cortège Et Course
14. Robert Hood – The Pace
15. Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk (Vocal Version)
16. Arts & Crafts – I’ve Been Searching (Walter Gibbons 12” Mix)
17. Motor City Drum Ensemble – L.O.V.E. (DJ-Kicks)
18. Aphex Twin – Actium
19. Recloose – Cardiology (Isolée Mix)
20. Latecomer – Cosmic Cart
21. Timo Lassy – African Rumble
22. James Mason – Sweet Power, Your Embrace

Words by Alex Johnson

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