If You Love Captivating, Original Pop Music, Look No Further Than Rubblebucket

An 8-piece unit produced by DFA godfather Eric Broucek that quotes [lastfm]Dirty Projectors[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Fela Kuti[/lastfm] as their sound brethren? Well, if there was ever a perfect new music discovery for a summer Friday, [lastfm]Rubblebucket[/lastfm] takes the cake today.

Trumpeter Alex Toth leads his band through complex arrangements that magically weave 70’s psychadelica and Brooklyn-branded pop experimentalism into tumultuous (but never over-blown) constructions, tight enough to feel like one cohesive song, but played so effortlessly the songs rarely giveaway a beginning or end. “Lifted/Weak Arms” drops into a bluesy sludge jam at the halfway mark with a nonchalance stubborn enough to make you forget the gorgeous, lifting melodies of the previous three minutes. That the feel-good (dare I say it?) Jack Johnson-esque “Triangular Daisies” follows with barely a breath proves these eight musicians can play more styles of music than the majority of us have ever heard. Very few bands of the hipster generation care to challenge the confines of a song structure as vigorously and successfully as [lastfm]Rubblebucket[/lastfm] does throughout Omega La La.

Need further proof of this band’s awesomeness? Check out this excellent video from Masters From Their Day that shows [lastfm]Rubblebucket[/lastfm] produce, track, and mix a song in one day:

[lastfm]Rubblebucket[/lastfm] – Omega La La (Sin Duda)
Street Date: June 21st
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Don’t stop with just “Silly Fathers”…download the entire album for free here !

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