Bibio Releases A Musical Carousel With ‘Mind Bokeh’

[pullquote quote="It would be unfair to summarize the album as any kind of genre. I'm not saying it's genre-less, but it incorporates a lot of genres.'" credit="Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson)"] [lastfm]Bibio[/lastfm] has a curious discography. His first full length, fi, was released six years ago and consisted of found sound recordings, looped acoustic guitars and pensive ambiance throughout. 2009′s Vignetting the Compost warped his acoustic noodlings with lo-fi electronics, for the first time striking a remarkable balance between hypnagogic folk and [lastfm]Boards of Canada[/lastfm] electronica. None of these records prepared fans for Ambivalence Avenue, a monumental album that revealed the versatile brilliance behind [lastfm]Bibio[/lastfm]‘s quiet sonic manipulations. No surprise then, that his newest record, Mind Bokeh, has fans giddy to hear what progression the Middlesex guitarist/singer/producer has made now.

Just as Ambivalence Avenue introduced funk guitar, pop melodies, and hip hop breaks to [lastfm]Bibio[/lastfm]‘s repertoire, so Mind Bokeh again boasts the all-encompassing tool belt Stephen Wilkinson wields. It is impossible to pin the new record down to just one, if any, genre. According to the press release, Wilkinson believes “it would be unfair…to summarize the album as any kind of genre…I’m not saying it’s genre-less, but it incorporates a lot of genres.” With the stuttering electro opener “No Excuses,” the game show theme songs meets Kanye West jam “Anything New,” to the garage rock, fist-pumping “Take Off Your Shirt” and the [lastfm]Paul Simon[/lastfm]-meets-[lastfm]Dam Funk[/lastfm] “K is for Kelson.”

Fans of [lastfm]Bibio[/lastfm]‘s timid folk won’t be entirely disappointed with Mind Bokeh‘s exuberance. The title track weaves cascading keyboards around gentle glockenspiel tones, surrounded by a distant rustling and faint vinyl crackle that guides the listener through a gentle moment of nostalgia. It’s an effect Stephen Wilkinson has mastered since his first release; now Mind Bokeh proves he has evolved from a curious one-trick pony to the jack of all genres Ambivalence Avenue promised.

[lastfm]Bibio[/lastfm] – Mind Bokeh (Warp)
Street Date: March 29th
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1. Excuses
2. Pretentious
3. Anything New
4. Wake Up!
5. Light Seep
6. Take Off Your Shirt
7. Artist’s Valley
8. K is for Kelson
9. Mind Bokeh
10. More Excuses
11. Feminine Eye
12. Saint Christopher

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