Rising English Folkster Bobby Long Channels Leonard Cohen, Dylan On “A Winter Tale”

[pullquote quote="I really love Leonard Cohen a lot" credit="Bobby Long"]Brooding vampires and hunky werewolves aren’t what you think of when [lastfm]Bobby Long[/lastfm] walks into the room. Though he’s inextricably linked to the teen behemoth that is Twilight, the 24 year-old from Manchester, England has little to do with that world anymore. Already an accomplished singer-songwriter, steeped in American folk and blues traditions, has his sights firmly set on the open road before him. Down that road is a (thankfully) never-ending string of tour dates and the release of his ATO Records debut A Winter Tale. Click through to watch Long perform live at the Street Date studio and listen in as he explains how North American influences like Delta Blues, [lastfm]Leonard Cohen[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] helped shape his musical sensibilities.

“The Bounty Of Mary Jane”
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A conversation with [lastfm]Bobby Long[/lastfm] reveals a man already wise beyond his years. A lifelong student of American folk and blues music, he is incredibly self-aware as he sets out to create new music befitting of his favorite genres. Thus he’s able to rely on influences like [lastfm]Leonard Cohen[/lastfm], his all-time favorite artist, without copying the master’s style outright. For any Cohen fans who missed his “final” tour in 2010, listen in below to hear Long tell the story of seeing the tour-ending performance in Las Vegas.

Bobby Long Interview
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A Winter Tale contains both brand new songs and some that have been road-tested over the past few years. Each of the songs Long performed for Street Date are on the album – click play to hear Long introduce the tracks and explain how each came to be.

“Sick Man Blues”
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“A Stranger Song”
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“Two Years Old”
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So what was that business about Twilight? What connection could this musician possibly have to that ubiquitous teen juggernaut? Actor Robert Pattinson turns out to be the thread that binds them. Pattinson and Long met and became friends when both were hanging out and performing on London’s open-mic scene while in college. One thing led to another, and in 2008 Long found himself watching Pattinson sing a song he wrote, “Let Me Sign,” over a crucial dramatic scene in the first Twilight movie.

That musical cameo has exposed [lastfm]Bobby Long[/lastfm] to an entire generation of fans, and helped him get the word out about his music. Now with Twilight behind him, the open road beckons. Keep an eye on Long’s tour dates and catch the songs from A Winter Tale live when he rolls through your town.

Here’s the full track listing for A Winter Tale:

1. A Winter Tale
2. Who Have You Been Loving
3. The Bounty of Mary Jane
4. In the Frost
5. Sick Man Blues
6. Penance Fire Blues
7. A Passing Tale
8. Dead and Done
9. Being a Mockingbird
10. Two Years Old
11. A Stranger Song

If you like what you hear, check out [lastfm]Bobby Long[/lastfm]‘s new album A Winter Tale available now at iTunes and Amazon.

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    <3 <3 <3 this man, his ♪♫♪, and this album.
    Also quite impressed w. this article. x

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  4. Becca says:

    I will be first in line for my copy of A Winter Tale tomorrow morning. He is very talented! Nice interview & performances.

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