The Fairy Tale Story Of The Real Taylor Swift!




Nearly 21 years ago in Reading, Pennsylvania begins the story of a young girl, with a love for country music, yearning to follow in the footsteps of [lastfm]Patsy Cline[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Dolly Parton[/lastfm]. This is the touching story of the real [lastfm]Taylor Swift[/lastfm]!

By the age of 10, she began performing around her hometown.  By the age of 14 she became the youngest songwriter signed to a publishing deal with Sony/ATV.

At a showcase at the Bluebird Cafe, this young carefree girl caught the attention of Scott Borchetta, who was at the time planning to launch a new label.  He signed her to that label, “Big Machine Records” and her career was launched and a Star Is Born!

99.5 WYCD was privileged to meet this young gal during a stop in Detroit four years ago, and Program Director Tim Roberts and his wife Lori had the opportunity to spend time with her.

As told by Lori Roberts, here is the real touching story, of the “Real” Taylor Swift from the beginnings of her superstardom, that the world has now come to know and love!

Here’s my story . . . . . . .

Once upon a time, there was a young lady, about 15, who wanted to be a famous country singer. Her name is Taylor Swift.

When Taylor was about 11, her parents, knowing that their daughter wanted to be a famous country music singer, decided it would be a good idea to move to Nashville. Taylor took her music and guitar and went knocking on the doors of MANY record companies, begging for them to take a listen. As the record companies patted her on the head and sent her away, they didn’t realize how much of a star she really could be.

Taylor SwiftBut being the persistent young lady that she was, this did not stop her from visiting these record companies, several more times until one day . . . . Big Machine Records said, hmm, this could be a good thing and signed her to a record deal, at the age of 15.

A very good guy and record rep, Jack Purcell, came to Detroit about 4 years ago with this new country music singer and songwriter. We had dinner with this young lady and her mom in Novi. Jack told us that Taylor wanted to play some of her music for us. We kind of looked at each other (Tim and I) and said, well, we only have a parking lot and our Ford Conversion van. Great! So out to the van we went, threw open the back doors, sat with Taylor and guitar, and listened to this young Country Music Singer sing Her songs . . . one being “Tim McGraw.” Her mom snapped so many pictures during this performance. Nobody else was in the parking lot except for a few young kids skateboarding, and they were too involved with their skateboards, they weren’t paying attention.

Tim Roberts paid attention and began playing Taylor Swift on 99.5 WYCD, when she was just beginning.

During dinner that night, Taylor asked us how do I become a country music singer? Our answer was: Be true to yourself and be true to the people around you. Remember that you pull your pants on just like the next guy. Be real and people will be real with you. Keep your feet on the ground and always, Always be kind to people, no matter what.

OH, and she wanted to drive on 8 Mile. She was very impressed by [lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm].

She has lived up to her word and has kept it real.

WE are so proud of Taylor, it busts our buttons to see her. And every time she sees Tim and/or I, she just gives us the most REAL hugs anyone could ever give. I’ve heard she has ran and jumped into Tim’s arms at past CMA’s.

So watching this young lady grow up Publicly has been quite the treat for us.

We are Very Proud of YOU Taylor Swift!

P.S. A Very Good Friend of mine reminded me, Taylor sent Tim the loveliest handmade card after our first dinner date, which has not been the last! Our daughter has every single card and cherishes each one as if they were her own.

Watch the video of Taylor Swift watching the 2009 CMA Announcements! One of the reasons we love her!

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