JP, Chrissie Search For ‘Fidelity!’ And Play Street Date’s Studios

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When [lastfm]Chrissie Hynde[/lastfm], the legendary frontwoman from [lastfm]The Pretenders[/lastfm] met [lastfm]JP Jones[/lastfm] at a party last year, he made only a passing impression. She had no idea the Welsh singer-songwriter would soon become a musical “partner in crime,” a creative catalyst that would help launch the next great project in Chrissie’s distinguished rock ‘n roll career. Street Date had the pleasure of hosting their new outfit JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys for an exclusive studio performance of songs off their new record Fidelity!. Watch that session and stream Fidelity! inside.

All this week you can stream Fidelity! in full right here at Street Date. Click the image below to launch the full stream.

Soon after meeting Hynde, JP Jones began writing songs and sending them to her. It wasn’t exactly a romantic pursuit, but it had all the trappings of a smitten younger man chasing after a desirable, slightly-older woman. But this pursuit quickly turned into a fruitful creative collaboration, as Hynde took a liking to Jones’ writing style and decided to give collaboration a try. The pair throw caution to the wind and soon found themselves on a getaway to Cuba, bumming around Havana, drinking until sunrise, and writing song after song together.

The result is this unique new album Fildelity and a band they put together, [lastfm]JP, Chrissie & The Fairground Boys[/lastfm]. The pair, along with drummer Patrick Murdoch stopped by Street Date recently to perform songs off Fidelity. Click play below to watch “If You Let Me,” “Fairground Luck” and the very relatable “Never Drink Again” (conceived after one of those all-night Havana benders). And don’t forget to stream Fidelity! here, in full, all this week.

[worldnow id=5052824 width=384 height=256 type=video]

“If You Let Me”

[worldnow id=5052814 width=384 height=256 type=video]

“Fairground Luck”

[worldnow id=5052828 width=384 height=256 type=video]

“Never Drink Again”

If you like what you hear, check out Fidelity! for sale at iTunes and Amazon.

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