Black Crowes Discuss New Album Croweology, Explain Report Of “Indefinite Hiatus”

[pullquote quote="We're going to take a break. All signs point to it being fairly lengthy." credit="Steve Gorman"]A few weeks ago we got an email announcing the new Black Crowes release Croweology and it came with a cryptic note saying the band would go on “indefinite hiatus” following a Fall tour. Naturally this set off some alarms – could the Crowes be calling it quits?

[photogallerylink id=9319 align=right]Street Date called on drummer Steve Gorman to explain, and in the process got some insight into the Croweology project and what it means for fans. Click through to hear why Gorman and the band recorded all-new acoustic versions of songs like “Jealous Again” and “Hard To Handle,” and why their big Fall tour is going to be like nothing they’ve ever done before. Plus stream all 20 tracks on Croweology for free right here!

Click on this image to launch a full album stream of Croweology and check out the track listing at the bottom of this page.

Steve Gorman has been with the Crowes since the beginning, and has seen the band go through numerous changes and controversies over the years. From #1 hits and mainstream success to sibling squabbling and short-term breakups, Gorman and the Crowes have been through it all. That’s one of the reasons their 20th anniversary meant so much to he and founding members Rich Robinson and Chris Robinson. Click play below to hear Gorman explain how the idea for Croweology was born out of this desire to commemorate hitting the 20 year mark.

Choosing which songs to re-record for Croweology proved easier than expected, according to Gorman, and when the bandmembers compared the lists of favorites they’d compiled, it was clear they favored many of the same songs. And that’s how songs like “Jealous Again,” “My Morning Song,” “Remedy” and “Wiser Time” made the cut.

[pullquote quote="We're going to take a break. All signs point to it being fairly lengthy."]This fall [lastfm]The Black Crowes[/lastfm] will embark on a special tour to support Croweology and bring the acoustic versions of these tunes to life on the stage. Fans can expect two 90-minute sets, the first acoustic and the second electric, with different setlist configurations in use each night. The announcement of an acoustic tour didn’t raise eyebrows (they’ve dabbled with acoustic shows before), but comments in the press release sure stirred the rumor mill. Listen below as Gorman explains why this will be the last Black Crowes tour for a while.

Here’s the track listing for Croweology – 20 songs representing 20 years of their career.
CD 1
Jealous Again
Share The Ride
Hotel Illness
Soul Singing
Ballad In Urgency
Wiser Time
Cold Boy Smile
Under A Mountain

CD 2
She Talks To Angels
My Morning Song
Downtown Money Waster
Good Friday
Thorn In My Pride
Welcome To The Good Times
Girl From A Pawnshop
Sister Luck
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye


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