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Listen to any one track on Guyanese-Canadian singer/songwriter Anjulie’s self-titled debut, and it appears easy to pigeonhole her, to call her the next artist “X.” The only problem with that lazy categorization is that, on song after song, that “artist X” changes. Opening track and single “Boom” conjures up aughts genre-benders like Santigold; the song’s a sultry masala of miscellaneous styles, throwing dark bossa nova, Morricone-esque flourishes, Bond themes, acid jazz, and an insanely catchy half-scat hook all into one boiling-over (and madly sexy) musical pot. “Boom” ends in a flash and her audience is cast into the fluttering, deliciously sugary pop soul of Nelly Furtado on the mournful, yet batty-eyed “Rain.” – AMG



Getting fired might end up being the best career move that Canadian singer-songwriter Anjulie ever made.
It was years ago that the now 25-year-old – real name Anjulie Persaud – was on a high-school internship at a Toronto recording studio, cleaning consoles and making coffee, when former Philosopher King Jon Levine walked through the door.
Immediately, she says, she realized she was in the presence of a big-time producer. “We started talking, he invited me out for lunch, and I left with him for lunch. And I ended up getting fired,” says Anjulie, who’s now living in Los Angeles.


Like most R&B singers that get popular, Anjulie has all the right tools. A unique, distinct voice, a certain vision and style, and definitely a treat for the eyes. However, in such a competitive music industry, this is not always enough, and I am not sure if Anjulie has the extra spark… that is needed to be truly recognized.


1. Boom
2. Rain
3. Some Dumb Girl
4. Addicted2Me
5. Crazy That Way Intro
6. Crazy That Way
7. Fatal Attraction
8. The Heat
9. Colombia
10. Same Damn Thing
11. I Want The World To Know
12. Love Songs
13. Day Will Come Soon


Anjulie | Boom

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  1. Aaron says:

    Anjulie has a great sound – my friend put me on to her about a month ago and I've played her on my iPod ever since… I hope she wins the VMA this year! She's got a contest going with Monster Music and they're giving away some autographed headphones.. here's the deets:Visit and enter now to win a pair of Monster headphones, with the box autographed by the sensational and sultry new Monster Music/HEAR Music Records singer/songwriter, Anjulie. The amazing, surround sound SuperDisc version of her self-titled debut LP, featuring the club hit, “Boom,” will be available from Monster Music in September, 2009. So, Monster thought, what better time to give a way some free headphones autographed by 2009 MTV Video Music Award nominee Anjulie! Plus, these Monster headphones haven't even hit stores yet, which means you can be the first to rock 'em!Contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 15, 2009!And to hear Anjulie's sound, check her out on MySpace:

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