Street Date, WXRT, – Live at Bonnaroo

Come along with us to Bonnaroo this weekend as we navigate 150+ performances on stages with names like “What” and “Which” and “That.” Our partners at and WXRT will be there helping us make sense of it all, be sure to check out those sites all weekend for up to the minute festival coverage.

For a steady stream of photos and text updates follow Street Date, our photographer friends at Backstage Gallery, and on Twitter. See below for the latest from sunny Tennessee.

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2 Responses to Street Date, WXRT, – Live at Bonnaroo

  1. Gump says:

    Great thinking! That really bkreas the mold!

  2. F45 says:

    Safe travels all to TN and a shout to Matt. Looking forward to seeing the pix and getting the reports.

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