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Hi there, I’m back with some new music, videos, singles, etc.  Thank you for sending in some of your favorite cover songs from last week’s blog, there are so many!

Alright, let’s jump in with a new band from Seattle, Barcelona.  I really like this band and I was able to see them live in Seattle  a while back.  I do have to say though, in this day and age, you have to pick your band name carefully.  With the name Barcelona, first of all it is a city, so when you go googling or youtubing or whatevering…you’re going to get a bunch of stuff from the city.  Second, there’s another band, I’m From Barcelona, and they’re from Sweden!  Confused yet?  I am!  Okay….Barcelona’s major label debut is Absolutes and it is an excellent debut.  For fans of U2, The Fray, Coldplay and even Jeff Buckley, you will probably enjoy this record.  Brian Fennell is the lead vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist for the band.  He was originally working on a solo project but then recruited his friends Chris Bristol, Rhett Stonelake and Brian Eichelberger to form the band.  There are great tracks, including Lesser Things, Come Back When You Can, The Takers, Response and Numb.  Here is the video for the first single, It’s About Time:

Jennifer Hudson‘s life must feel like a rollercoaster these days.  From being on American Idol, to Dreamgirls, an oscar, family tragedy, performances at the Super Bowl, The Grammys and Oprah, that’s a lot!   She also released her self-titled debut CD in late 2008.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good some of the songs are on her record.  I especially like Pocketbook, featuring Ludacris.  Luda’s part does get a little raunchy, but it’s a good song nonetheless.  The other standout track is interesting.  I’m His Only Woman features the woman that beat Jennifer and several others to become American Idol, Fantasia.  Great to hear them trade verses.  Other great songs:  Giving Myself, My Heart, and Spotlight.

Video for If This Isn’t Love:

Video for Spotlight:

Video for And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going:

War Child is an organization that raises money to support children who are victims of war in Darfur, Afghanistan, northern Uganda and other devastated conflict areas around the world.  They have put together an interesting CD of new and cool alternative/indie artists covering classic rock songs.  Some of the highlights include:  Beck covering Dylan‘s Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs covering The Ramones’ Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Peaches taking on Iggy Pop’s Search And Destroy.  Other artists featured include:  Lily Allen, Franz Ferdinand, Duffy and TV On The Radio.

Here is a look at the making of the project:

Beck live performing Dylan:

Natasha Alexandra is NLX, a singer-songwriter from Hamilton Ontario, now making her home in New York City.  She has just released her 3rd CD, Bitch Get Fit.  One of the cool things about NLX is that she has her own sound.  She plays piano and sings with some darkness and mystery in her songs, which makes them interesting.  Standout tracks include:  Find Love, So Far Apart, Buckle Up, Spin and Getting Off.  Go to to hear a bunch of her songs.  Here is a video of her performance of Code Red and So Far Apart:

Remember the Pet Shop Boys?  I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this day….they’re back!  Seriously though, if you ever liked the Pet Shop Boys, you will dig the new CD, Yes.  It is amazing to think that we first heard from these guys 23 years ago with West End Girls and Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money).  They have definitely stayed true to who they are and continue to make music with their signature sound.  Highlights:  Love Etc., Beautiful People, Did You See Me Coming?, More Than A Dream and Pandemonium.

Here is the video for Love Etc.

Okay…moving on, big week, lots happening….Ben Harper is back with his new band the Relentless 7.  Their new CD, White Lies For Dark Times will be out in a couple of weeks. 

Here is the first single, Shimmer And Shine


Covering Under Pressure on Carson Daly:

The Dave Matthews Band is back, and their loyal fans I’m sure are psyched.  The new CD is Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King and will be out on June 2nd.  For those who can’t wait, there is a special package on itunes right now!  I did see a quote from Dave, which said he is so excited about this record that he thinks even people who aren’t fans are going to like it….a bold statement!  Here is a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of the first single, Funny The Way It Is

And here is Dave live from MSG last week:

Tori Amos is back with her new song, Welcome To England:

Chrisette Michele’s sophomore CD, Epiphany, is out May 5th.  Here is the first single, What You Do, featuring Ne-Yo.  Good song!

Jessie James is a new singer that sounds pretty good.  Check out this performance of her first single, Wanted

Thank you for reading the blog!  Pass it on!  Tell a friend!  Tell your mom!  etc.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Barcelona would be a cool group to see live….

    And Pet Shop Boys! They haven’t changed…still a bit eccentric with cool tunes

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