Introducing Rising Star ‘Bean’ – A Street Date Session You Won’t Soon Forget

[pullquote quote="I'm constantly on my YouTube channel, just to see who's interested." credit="Bean"]Every once in a while we get the chance to meet a new artist on his or her way up, and it’s clear from minute one that we are in the presence of a future star. Such is the case with Bean, a charming young singer from Texas who is making her debut this summer, visiting media outlets, playing shows, and wrapping up recording sessions for her first album. Bean dropped into the Street Date studio to play us a few of her new tunes – click through here to see her perform “Cops and Robbers” and two other tunes, plus our exclusive interview. Continue reading

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GRAMMY Nominees Perform At Street Date: Best Blues Album Nominees Warren Haynes and Keb Mo

It’s one of the lesser-publicized categories at the GRAMMYs, but that just means the music in the Best Contemporary Blues Album category is one of the best kept secrets at the annual awards show. This year Street Date is proud to have hosted intimate studio performances from two of the Best Contemporary Blues Album nominees: [lastfm]Keb Mo[/lastfm] (nominated for The Reflection) and [lastfm]Warren Haynes[/lastfm] (for Man In Motion). Click through now to sample these outstanding performances, and remember to tune in this Sunday night, February 12th at 8pm ET for the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast on CBS. Keb Mo and Warren Haynes Performances – After The Jum

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Kevin Devine Performs Songs From “Between The Concrete & Clouds” Plus Exclusive Interview – Watch Now

[pullquote quote="I love this album, and I'm really happy with how it came out." credit="Kevin Devine, talking about 'Between The Concrete & Clouds'"][lastfm]Kevin Devine[/lastfm] has created arguably the greatest songs of his career on his 2011 album Between The Concrete & Clouds. His sixth studio album, Concrete is a major evolution in his sound and songwriting, and is the first album on which he’s backed by a full band for every song. Elements of the psychedelic experience are present here, particularly on the single “Off Screen,” the song that anchors Devine’s outstanding Street Date session. Click through now to enjoy this four-song performance and stick around for our revealing interview with Kevin. Kevin Devine Performs Live, With Full Band, Inside

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Donald Glover Is “Childish Gambino” – Watch Him Perform Songs From “Camp” – Live at Street Date

[pullquote quote="I'm a big proponent of youth. As you get older you start to be more jaded about stuff." credit="Donald Glover, as Childish Gambino"]This, ladies and gentlemen, is Camp, and it’s the hottest rap album of the year. It may be the hottest rap debut this century. It comes not from a junior member of some famous rap crew, not from the gritty streets of some underloved American city, and not from the lab of some major label. No, Camp comes from the mind of actor & comedian Donald Glover. “Another actor-turned-rapper?” you might say, but trust us this one is for real. As [lastfm]Childish Gambino[/lastfm], Glover brings an indie rock sensibility to the rap game, reinventing the “brag tracK” (on “Bonfire”) and including everyone in one massive inside joke. Watch Childish Gambino’s Live Performance

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Shape-Shifting With Tori Amos – Watch Live Performance Of Songs From “Night of Hunters”

[pullquote quote="You don't have to leave your chair and you've crossed the universe because of a storyteller." credit="Tori Amos, on themes from 'Night of Hunters'"]Night of Hunters is not a typical album project, even for [lastfm]Tori Amos[/lastfm], an artist whose career has been anything-but-typical. Hunters is a 21st Century take on a classical song cycle, with a plotline intricately weaved by Amos, who tells the story through the eyes of a female character named Tori. It is a stunning piece of work that defies classification, and represents one of the greatest challenges Amos has tackled in her storied career.
Street Date is proud to present this intimate studio performance by [lastfm]Tori Amos[/lastfm], complete with an interview in which she discusses the creation of this project and lays bare the story of Annabelle, the “spirit guide” who leads Tori through this Night of Hunters. Don’t Miss This Spellbinding Solo Performance

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La Vida Boheme Bring Punk Rock Back To New York City (And Pick Up Latin GRAMMY Noms)

[pullquote quote="A lot of stuff that influenced us started here in New York. It's like a church for us." credit="La Vida Boheme, in NYC promoting 'Nuestra'"]One of the greatest stories in music for 2011 is the emergence of Venezuelan rock band [lastfm]La Vida Boheme[/lastfm]. In four short years they have transformed from a loose group of punk-obsessed high school students, to local underground rock heroes, to today when they find themselves nominated for two Latin GRAMMYs. Their album Nuestra is one of the most impressive debuts in recent memory and surely one of the most exciting albums of the year in any category. Charismatic to a fault, and deeply knowledgeable about American music, [lastfm]La Vida Boheme[/lastfm] are charming audiences and interviewers alike as they criss-cross the globe seeking an ever-wider platform for their message. Watch Live Performance & Fall In Love With La Vida Boheme

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Ryan Adams Performs Songs Off New Album “Ashes & Fire” – Street Date Exclusive

[pullquote quote="It took the same amount of time 'Heartbreaker' did... It just revealed itself as it was." credit="Ryan Adams, on new album 'Ashes & Fire'"]“I just want to play my songs,” says [lastfm]Ryan Adams[/lastfm], when asked about the format for his current string of tour dates which will feature the singer performing solo. One guitar, one chair, one spotlight – those are the only things fans will see as the curtain goes up and Adams takes the stage to play songs from his new album Ashes & Fire. Adams visited our New York studios recently for a preview of two songs from the album, “Lucky Now” and the title track “Ashes & Fire” plus a gorgeous stripped-down rendition of “Let It Ride.” Watch Ryan Adams Solo & Acoustic

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Frankmusik Exclusive: Watch Rare Solo Studio Performance of “No ID”

[pullquote quote="You got a problem with me? Shut your mouth and party with me." credit="Frankmusik, on 'No ID'"]Shhhh. Do you hear that? Open your ears and listen closely to that sound. What is it? It’s the new sound of pop music, and it’s coming from L.A. (by way of London). Get ready for the emergence of [lastfm]Frankmusik[/lastfm], the man who is forging a new sound for American pop, incorporating the best of R&B, dance and electronic rhythms. This week he makes his U.S. debut with new album Do It In The A.M. and a rare solo performance at the Street Date studios. Click through to watch this exclusive [lastfm]Frankmusik[/lastfm] performance, including new single “No ID.” Frankmusik Performance + Interview – Watch Now

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Life Is “Sweeter” For Gavin DeGraw – Watch Live Studio Performance

[pullquote quote="I'm a boomerang... Turn around and I'm back in the game, even better than the old me." credit="Gavin DeGraw, on 'Not Over You'"]On the same day that he taught a music lesson for Street Date’s Master Class series, in partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, singer [lastfm]Gavin DeGraw[/lastfm] performed an incredible set of tunes in support of his new album Sweeter. Click through to watch DeGraw bust out his new single “Not Over You,” plus two of his best-known hits: “In Love with a Girl” and “I Don’t Want To Be.” Watch Gavin DeGraw Perform Live

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Jesse Harris’ Master Class: Learn The Art of “Fingerpicking”

[pullquote quote="So many musical styles are based around fingerpicking, from Brazilian music to Country to American Blues and Folk." credit="Jesse Harris, on fingerpicking"]Like so many other musicians who are just getting started on their instrument, [lastfm]Jesse Harris[/lastfm] drew inspiration from the greats when teaching himself to play guitar. American blues and folk legends like [lastfm]Mississippi John Hurt[/lastfm], [lastfm]Bob Dylan[/lastfm] and [lastfm]James Taylor[/lastfm] were the teachers Harris studied, and each has been a major influence on his career as a singer and songwriter.
When Street Date asked Harris to participate in the Energizer Master Class series, in partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, he immediately suggested we dedicate an episode to “fingerpicking.” Watch as Harris explains the history and the methods behind this age-old skill in this episode of Master Classes. Learn How To Fingerpick With Jesse Harris

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Kina Grannis’ Master Class: Learn To Play “Message From Your Heart”

[pullquote quote="What is it like to be someone's heart?" credit="Kina Grannis, on 'Message From Your Heart'"]Growing up in Southern California, young [lastfm]Kina Grannis[/lastfm] was always a musical child. By elementary school she was composing original songs on the piano, and by high school she had mastered the violin and begun to teach herself to play guitar. By her sophomore year in college she had recorded her first album, Sincerely Me, and had her sights set on a career in music.
Grannis was a natural choice for the Master Class series, created in partnership with Energizer and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Watch as she demonstrates the guitar chords and strumming patterns for her amazing single “Message From Your Heart.” Kina’s Master Class Is Now In Session

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David Cook Performs LIVE, Playing Selections From New Album “This Loud Morning”

[pullquote quote="The themes that permeate this record are: Love and Loss." credit="David Cook, on This Loud Morning"]He will forever be linked to the show that gave him his big break, but [lastfm]David Cook[/lastfm] isn’t trying to run from his American Idol past. Instead, the winner of that show’s seventh season embraces his past and continues to connect with the fan base who voted him to the top. From his first post-Idol release (2008’s David Cook) to his new album This Loud Morning, Cook has managed to hold on to loyal fans and at the same time spread his wings and become a greater musician and songwriter.

Click through to watch Cook perform “Paper Heart” and “The Last Goodby” off his new album, and listen to his comments during our exclusive and intimate interview, all captured live at the Street Date studios. David Cook Performs Live Inside

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Colbie Caillat’s New Single “Brighter Than The Sun” – Exclusive Live Performance

[pullquote quote="We go together like peanuts and Payday, Marley and reggae..." credit="Colbie Caillat, in 'Brighter Than The Sun'"]
[lastfm]Colbie Caillat[/lastfm] refuses to let the world get her down. The always-smiling singer-songwriter has managed to find success in the music business without trading in her signature positive attitude. Her music has traditionally focused on the brighter side, reflecting her outlook on life, love and happiness. Caillat has achieved success with her own music, like her GRAMMY-nominated second album Breakthrough, as well as her work with others, like 2010’s duet with [lastfm]Jason Mraz[/lastfm] called “Lucky.”
As she prepared for the upcoming release of her third album, titled All Of You (due out July 12th), Caillat stopped by Street Date for an intimate performance of songs off the new album. Click through now to watch the first of these performances – Caillat’s brand new single “Brighter Than The Sun.” Watch Colbie Caillat perform ‘Brighter Than The Sun’

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Def Leppard Finally Release A Live Album, Celebrate With A Chat & Performance At Street Date

In their 32 plus years of releasing music, you might think that [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Def Leppard [/lastfm]have done it all. Well, think again. Outside of live tracks scattered on various releases over the years, the band have never released an ”official” live album, until now. Mirrorball: Live And More is something the guys have been wanting to do for over twenty years, but just haven’t had the time to do it. Lead singer [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Joe Elliott [/lastfm]and lead guitarist [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Phil Collen [/lastfm]recently sat down with Street Date and filled us in on this explosive new release, which culls live songs taken from their Sparkle Lounge tour. In addition, we are treated with three brand new studio Leppard tracks on this new double-disc. Joe & Phil Give Us The News

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Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends: Los Amigos Invisibles Perform Live

Naming your band can be really hard. For instance [lastfm]Megadeath[/lastfm] works great as a name for your kick-ass metal band, but not as great if you’re a smooth-jazz trio. So it’s refreshing to find out that the owners of the band name [lastfm]Los Amigos Invisibles[/lastfm] are exactly what they say: they are your friends, and they are invisible. Sort of. Their music, a frenetic mix of upbeat Latin rhythms and bass-and-synth driven funk, is the kind of stuff that gets stuck in your head. Long after their CD stops spinning, these invisible friends play on in your mind, and there’s no way to stop them. Street Date played host to Venezuela’s greatest export in our New York studios, where they played cuts off their 2010 worldwide smash hit album Commercial and their new EP Not So Commercial. Click through now to see the video and to meet your new amigos. Los Amigos Invisibles Perform LIVE Inside

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Wormburner Capture That New York Sound On “Placed by the Gideons,” Perform Live At Street Date

[pullquote quote="The New York sound is alive and well thanks to Wormburner." credit=""]The west coast is gearing up for a rare visit from one of New York’s finest indie-rock outfits, [lastfm]Wormburner[/lastfm]. As their new album Placed by the Gideons begins to pick up steam at radio stations around the country, including Seattle’s venerable KEXP and New York’s WFUV, the guys paid a visit to Street Date‘s NYC studios for an exclusive performance and interview. The “New York sound” is alive and well thanks to Wormburner – click through now to hear their songs “Peekskill,” “Pike City Proper” and “Breaker, Breaker.” Watch Wormburner Perform Live

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Win A Chance To See Britney Spears LIVE In Concert

Britney spears Femme Fatale

Welcome to Britney weekend! [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Britney Spears[/lastfm]‘ latest album is set to drop Femme Fatale on Tuesday, but we’re streaming it all day FRIDAY! That’s not all. We’re also giving you a chance to watch the one and only Britney Spears live in ANY city on her tour. That’s right! If you win, it’s your choice where you could follow pop princess.

Enter now!

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15th Annual Arts, Beats and Eats Festival Hits Michigan

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10th Annual Hoxeyville Music Festival – Days 2 and 3

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10th Annual Hoxeyville Music Festival – Days 1 and 2

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10th Annual Hoxeyville Music Festival Kicks Off In Michigan

Photographer extroardinaire Steve Galli is at it again, this time dropping by the Hoxeyville Music Festival in Wellston, Michigan to capture the sights and sounds of the events 10th anniversary. The weekend will include performances by [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers[/lastfm], [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Mickey Hart Band[/lastfm], [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]7 Walkers[/lastfm] and many more – all sure to make the weekend more than memorable for all in attendance! Continue reading

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Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock Perform Together At Inaugural “Come Together Celebration” with The Detroit Pistons.

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Photo Show: Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Chiddy Bang & More Hit Michigan On ‘Under The Influence Of Music’ Tour

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Photo Show: Chicago and The Doobie Brothers Rock Clarkston, Michigan

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All Good Festival 2012 – Big Gigantic, G Love, Railroad Earth and more!

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All Good Festival 2012 – Allman Brothers, Dark Star Orchestra, Michael Franti, Mickey Hart and more!

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All Good Festival 2012 – Flaming Lips, SOJA, Yonder Mountain, Rubblebucket and more!

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